Gold Armour Hammock Review (Should You Go For This Option?)

As amazing as nice soft beds are, there is just something special about sleeping in a hammock. It lets you blend in with your surroundings and camp comfortably as you become one with nature.

Not to mention, it provides a whole new kind of comfort everyone must experience.

However, a weak and uncomfortable hammock might end up ruining your perception of these fantastic swing beds.

When it comes to hammocks, it is hard to dispute the quality and comfort of Gold Armor units. As such, we have created this Gold Armour Hammock Review to help you figure out whether you should add it to your camping gear.

Gold Armour Hammock Review


Gold Armour Hammock Review

First, let us go over some of the key features this unit has to offer before we elaborate on each one.

Key Features

  • Can support up to 500 pounds of weight with ease
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Easy to carry with the included stuff sack
  • Durable straps with a breaking strength of 1,000 pounds
  • Made with high-quality 2010T nylon parachute fabric
  • Very easy to set up regardless of experience
Thumbs Up For
  • Extremely light
  • The carry bag drastically enhances its portability
  • The company offers many after-sales services like 15 years warranty
  • Mildew resistant for longer life expectancy
  • Straps have a 1000 pounds breaking strength
  • Extremely fast to set up
Thumbs Down For
  • Its width is not as proportionate to its length as it could be
  • The strong reinforced stitching may feel uncomfortable on the legs with enough pressure
  • The colors bleed

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A Hammock Meant For Campers

If the durability and strength did not amaze you already, let us make it clear; this hammock was designed to offer the definitive camping experience. The over-500 pounds weight capacity will give you peace of mind as you can trust it to carry you effortlessly.

Its 500 pounds+ capacity is so high that you can easily fit two adults in there.

This offers a superb camping experience. In the right weather, using a hammock is just amazing. They are comfortable on your back, and you can even use them as a makeshift swing.

There is no need to be worried about the straps breaking loose because of its almost unreal 1,000 pounds breaking strength. With power like that, the trees are likely to break before the straps do.

The straps perfectly fit trees. They attach like a glove and stays secure the entire time you are on it. It shows little to no sign of wear even if it accommodates two individuals. Each strap attaches amazingly to each side with next to no effort.

Camping is supposed to be a relaxing and soothing experience. Complicated installation could ruin the experience and frustrate you. So, the fast installation feature also lets you experience a relaxed camping session.

Its comfort is fit for a king. You can feel your back melting onto the superb quality parachute nylon. You might not even need to invest in airbeds with hammocks like these. Get one for each member of your family and watch how it completely renovates the traveling experience.

Great Portability

Say you have to travel far, and your bag is full. Where can you put the hammock? Well, Gold Armour’s hammock can turn itself into its bag.

This review has talked about how its durability makes it so suitable for campers. Additionally, this level of portability makes it even better. They went the extra mile to sew a carry bag right onto the hammock; thus, there is no scope of losing it.

Once you are done with it, all you have to do is fold it into an extremely compact carry bag. It is so small and light that you will barely even notice the extra weight.

Amazingly, it never even gets in the way when the unit is installed. The process of storing the hammock into the bag as well as the installation requires little to no time.

Trustable Brand

Gold armor is one of those brands you can put your faith in. They have a strict manufacturing process that makes every unit a work of art. Each unit is made in the US, so you know it is ethically made and correctly put together.

Their support team is also based in the US. You can quickly receive the support you need if you contact them. The family-owned company extends its values to its team, making them treat you like family. You can rely on them to get you what you need in a relaxed and friendly manner.

They employ strict quality control procedures to make sure there are little to no defects in whatever they make. This gives them the confidence to provide the best hammocks for you. In the off chance that something goes wrong, Gold Armour is willing to refund your money without taking the unit back.

Little services like these are what makes this brand so reliable. You might think that a hammock of this caliber would cost a lot.

However, they manage to keep prices at a reasonable range and justify each penny you spend. They dedicate 5% of their profits to afforestation efforts and child welfare programs, so the money you spend plays a part in something bigger than just your hammock.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most commonly asked queries regarding Gold Armour hammock:

How long are the straps on this unit?

Each strap is about ten feet long. This means that these straps together is about 20 feet long. Keep this in mind during the installation phase.

Can it fit three people?

It can accommodate any amount of people as long as the total weight is below 500 pounds, but generally the width of the hammock was meant to accommodate two adults. There would not be enough space for more.

Is the fabric breathable?

Yes, the fabric is breathable.

How long will it last?

With features like mildew resistance and high-quality nylon material, it is likely to last many years. You can also assure yourself of its longevity due to the brand’s offered 15-year warranty.


Final Words

Overall, there is no doubt that this hammock is a very solid investment. In case you are an avid camper and want a solid sleeping gear for peaceful days and nights, this hammock is a great option to get. We hope this Gold Armour hammock review helped you come to a solid conclusion.

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