Outdoor Living Suntime Folding Portable Mesh Chair Review : Is It The Best Product For Me?

Who does not want to do an outdoor once in a while?

Well, no one!

Outdoor activity makes one of the interesting events and what makes it even more impressive is ensuring you are fully equipped with the epitome camping items. Indeed, you will have to include the best reclining camping chair which gives you a great moment of relaxation.

However, we cannot just utter about such a great camping chair without an Outdoor Living Suntime.

Therefore, if you would love to be fully aware of this fantastic outdoor chair, then here is a suitable and comprehensive review for you.

OUTDOOR LIVING SUNTIME Camping Folding Portable Mesh Chair

Thumbs Up For
  • Easy set-up reclining camping chair
    It is easy to take out of the bag, set up and recline
  • It is also easy to fold, insert in the bag and return to the car.
  • A cup Holder for keeping your coffee during those cold seasons.
  • A detachable footrest is enabling you to rest your legs with no hassle.
  • The presence of a storage bag makes it easy for you to place your personal belongings such as the wallet and cellphone and be able to reach for them with a lot of ease.
  • Its portable nature makes it easy for you to carry on to anywhere you would love to.
  • Applicable with many events inclusive are patio pleasure, backyard party and watching a football game.
  • Long-lasting. The heavy-duty steel used in the making of the lounge chair makes it durable for long extended periods.
  • Different colors are available which match your tastes.
Thumbs Down For
  • The chair cannot hold weights over 250 pounds.
  • This product is limited to being shipped by Amazon in some countries.
  • Not waterproof.
  • It is limited to holding only one person.
  • Not suitable for a flat lying position.
  • Not a good fit during bad weather conditions.

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Product Overview

Outdoor Living Suntime reclining camping chair offers you a great experience in that it is portable and easy to set up.

Do you love watching football comfortably?

Yes, you do! This chair provides you with an upgraded comfort of being your fantastic companion for camping and watching football games.

Open party, beach party and music concerts are also some of many events you would apply the need of the chair. This comfortable chair has a portable nature which makes it even easier to carry it anywhere you want.

If you are wondering where to keep your belongings such as a coffee mug, phone, wallet, sunglasses or even magazines, then worry less since there is a cup holder designed on this chair. Plus, there is a storage bag for keeping all your other belongings mentioned.

Key Features:


This lounger chair comes with different sizes which include:

  • Unfolded size: 22×26.4 x 16.9/39 inches
  • Package size: 7.87×7.87 x 39.4 inches


Outdoor Living Suntime is available in various colors to best feed your eyes and preference tastes. Grey or Green for an outdoor taste! Name it and own it.


Suntime comes with ultra-lightweight which makes it portable for you to carry it to anywhere you would love, be it an event such as music concert or even to watch a football game you are not limited to have one.


The presence of a detachable footrest enables you to be able to relax your feet with minimal hassle. You can also rotate the knob at the bottom to your comfortability and at times remove it. This feature of the lounger chair promotes its suitability to fit for various occasions or events.


The heavy-duty steel used in the making of this chair guarantees you durability and offers you maximum sturdiness with its frame, therefore, can take you for long extended periods.

High-Quality polyester material has also been incorporated combined with a mesh fabric making it hold weights up to 230 pounds.


Suntime chair comes with a cup holder for that coffee mug, an extra headrest, and mesh pocket which is ideal for your belongings, like wallet, phone, kindle, sunglass, magazines, or even small notebooks.

Adjustable back

Were you aware that the back of this lounge chair is adjustable? The fact is it is. The tilted design will offer great support for your back and legs. It can recline from 90 to 130 degrees and lengthen from 16.9″ to 39″ for the rest of your legs.


Modern technology has been used in the design of this chair which makes it a great outdoor choice. Look, there are a cupholder, a storage pocket, and a breathable sponge pillow which makes it even more outstanding.

Value for Money

Primarily, price is a common aspect when it involves making a particular purchase. Affordable rates for all have been integrated for this chair; besides, the price skims to its excellent quality. These rates are achievable with all sorts of persons.

Why Outdoor Living Suntime Is The Best Reclining Chair:

Well, there are several features which make this chair outstanding and the best reclining chair you would ever get in the market. These features include:

An Integrated Cup Holder

Oops! Where will I place my coffee? Well, this is already a settled issue since the chair is integrated with a mesh cup holder which harbors a convenient section to put your coffee in gloomy weather.

A Storage Pocket

On the sides of the chair, you will see handy hanging storage where you will be able to keep your sunglasses, cellphones, magazine, and even your wallet.

Comfy sponge Pillow

The sponge pillow offers you more comfort when reclining your head backward during relaxation. Not entirely satisfied with the sponge pillow? You can remove it and replace it with the type that best suits your needs and tastes.

A Breathable Mesh Back

There is a breathable mesh fabric integrated at the back of the chair which assists in keeping you cool during those summer periods.

Frequently Asked Questions:

At which level can outdoor living suntime chair recline?

This camping chair can be tilted from 90 to 130 degrees. Its back pole can be placed upright or lifted up and back to slightly reclining to a comfortable position of your preference.

Can the chair recline to a flat-lying position?

No! It does not offer a flat lie.

How large is the chair when it’s unfolded?

Ans: The width of the unfolded chair is 21.5 inches.

Any outdoor activity serves best with this lounge chair. Be it a music concert, picnic, party, backyard event, watching games, beach camping, and other events then having such a chair or even several of them will not be such a bad idea. The chair also fits with all-weather climates, like summers or even during cold weather.

Product Care

You are advised to fold and store the reclining camping chair in its bag when not in use for longer periods. This will help in avoiding unnecessary scratches or fractures of the chair.

Bottom Line

An Outdoor Living Suntime lets you enjoy your camping or any other outdoor activity. The insightful review has equipped you with the epitome necessary information you need to know about this product before adding it to your cart. Regarding an outdoor adventure, owning this chair is among your best decisions and would simply not hurt considering to make a purchase of it from the online store.

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