Suntime Outdoor Pop Up Gazebo Canopy Review: Is It Worth Its Price?

You want to enjoy with your friends and family outdoor, maybe dinning or holding small get-togethers in a comfortable place without being disturbed with mosquitoes, then set your outdoor stage with this pop-up gazebo from Baner Garden.

Thumbs Up For
  • Applicable in many occasions such as weddings, concerts and home parties.
  • Quite easy to set-up and set down.
  • Portable pop-up design assembly in minutes.
  • Fully enclosed bug screen keep you from mosquitos and other insects from disturbing and adds more privacy.
  • Detachable Solar panel, built-in 24 pieces LED lights and four-sides mesh panels with full-length zippered openings.
  • Rust-resistant powder-coated steel frame which prevents it from rusting.
  • Durable shades.
  • The LED lights can also be applied for night parties to promote lighting.
  • Large sizes of 10’ by 20’ by 9.5’ provide an efficient shade when parking cars.
  • Waterproof resistant which hinders rainwater from dripping inside the canopy.
  • Different colors which make it ideal for you to choose which best suits you.
Thumbs Down For
  • It can not assemble lots of people, only a maximum of 4-6 people for quality assembly.
  • Can not withstand strong winds or rain.
  • This product can only be used between 4 degrees to 158 degrees. If used for more than 12 hours outside this temperature range, the rattan will harden or at times even break.
  • May not be a suitable product to enjoy from the comfort of your home if you have a small field.
  • May not be the best suit for vans or large vehicles.
  • There is no mosquito net on top to prevent from mosquitoes though you can carry a mosquito repellent jelly.
  • Can wear or tear down if left outdoors for over a week.


An outdoor gazebo canopy is a right fit for royalty! You are assured of comfortability to the brim as a result of its portable nature. With this sizeable open-air shelter in the backyard, at a park or next to a water body makes summer living amazing for family gatherings.

The gazebo is quite an ideal when hosting a small party or at times relaxing in your backyard. On top, it is quite significant for tailgating at the big games or even selling some goods at the flea market.

Did you know that this canopy also consists of solar-powered LEDs?

Well, it does. It’s portability feature, and quite comprehensive technology make it even more comfortable than ever to beat the sun’s heat and not frequent rain showers.

Setting up

The push-up technology used makes the gazebo canopy easy to just set up in a short duration, actually seconds. It is highly equipped with a three-stage height-adjustable system. The strong poles and structure also help in maintaining the stability of the tent outdoors. Alike, the canopy also comes with four sandbags and twenty-four ground nails that ensure stability at its maxima.


The Gazebo canopy is mostly of a large size of 10’ by 20’ by 9.5’ approximately 190 square feet. This makes it suitable for you to even park your car.

The package size is usually 50 × 8 × 8 inches.


Weighing an average of 41 lbs, it’s quite easy to carry the gazebo canopy on to anywhere you would like to including concerts and beaches.


Highly equipped with a 150D polyester, ninety-five percent UV protection, CPAI 84 fire retardant certification alongside a water-resistant fabric, it makes a gazebo canopy to harness a durable shade.


A perfect fit for relaxing! Let’s say you are hosting a home party or it’s just one of those hot summers day when you wish to laze around in your backyard with your family; then a gazebo canopy is just what you require.

Moreover, you are guaranteed a great durable shade during the summertime which makes it a suitable chilling out better tone!


The Gazebo Canopy, being made from steel and aluminum accordion-design system, it makes it easily foldable for a simple one-person setup. The canopy also has an awning-style shadow valance and an inside valance too; for enhancing style.

No bugs to bother your quiet relaxation- you can zip close the all-around fine mesh netting which is shielded with insect protection. Also, a storage bag is included for you.

The incorporation of LED lights, four in number, lit up by solar power whereas the solar panel is set on top of the canopy for solar energy absorption, enables you to hold a party at night.

The gazebo canopy is also equipped with full-sided netting and ventilation which promotes venting during hot days. The removable side walls also allow you to remove them in the warmer spring. Such will make it even easier to barbecue with your friends and family.


Blue or brown! Which is your preference? The best color to feed your eyes, then you can choose since it’s available.

Value For Money

Are you aspiring for that pleasure without spending a lot from your wallet? Well, the gazebo canopy comes with extremely duper low prices quite achievable to all persons. You are also esteemed of exceptional quality at affordable prices.

Frequently Asked Questions:

During the rains, is it waterproof?

Ans: Yes, it is. It can only offer a holding room for the little rain showers though not ideally the best during heavy rains.

Does the canopy constitute of a mosquito net on the top?

There is no mosquito net; however, you can arm yourself with your mosquito repellant jelly if possible.

After use, should I always have to take the canopy into the store?

On leaving the product outside, wind and rain may cause damage to it. Therefore, a recommendation from the manufacturer is always to fold it up and store accordingly after its purpose was fulfilled.


Product Care

Suntime canopy is an instant canopy. This means that the product is not designed for a long term set up. Therefore it is highly advisable to put down after use.

It is also recommended to clean the netting using a soft brush and warm, soapy water every month. The product is stored in the side pouch of the gazebo carrying case with wheels.

Assembly and safety instructions are included in the package to guide you on the safety and care of the product.

Kindly check the package carefully to make sure everything is taken out.

Final Verdict

The insightful review has equipped you with the necessary knowledge of why and how to purchase this product. Owning a gazebo canopy is one of the best choices you would ever make so far.

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