How To Soak Up Water In Backyard

Who does not want to keep their backyard in the best condition possible? More importantly, while trying to make our backyard look pretty, we often forget that we have to keep it clean and safe as well. Backyards are often the breeding places for mosquitoes, flies and many such pests. The common reason? Accumulated water.

Therefore, we need to find a way to sock up the water that accumulates in the backyard. Or, else, it will not let you spend your time just the way you like it there. For example, the plants may get too much water and die or you won’t be able to set on the grass when you want to. Let us not forget the many diseases that can be caused by the flies and pests that grow in such watery places.

So, let us find out how to soak up water in backyard.

How to soak up water in backyard: The Steps.

  1. Look for the Source First. 

Water has been accumulating in your backyard but do you have any idea why? Has it been raining very heavily for a few days? Have you been watering the plants regularly?

You see, the solution will depend on the problem. There will be different methods to soak up water more effectively in each of the cases. So, the first thing you have to do is find out where the water is being collected in your backyard.

Then, we can focus on soaking it up.

  1. Water your backyard less. 

If you regularly water your backyard for the grass or the other plants that exist in it, you watering may be the root of the problem. Try to reduce the amount of water you use in this case and monitor the results. Does water still collect?

If it does then there are more issues to be addressed. And, if it doesn’t you can use the reduced amount of water from now on.

  1. Plant more. 

Plants do need a lot of water. You may not have enough plants in your backyard to use all the water that your backyard receives. If you are fond of plants and green then it is never harmful to add a few more plants to your backyard.

When choosing the new plants, you can focus on the trait of how much water they require. In fact, there are certain plants that require a lot more water than others. Having such plants, like shrubs, willow trees, etc can reduce the amount of accumulated water in your backyard.

  1. Make Separate Beds. 

If you have a garden in your backyard, you may just be working on one bed. As a result, the water may be getting accumulated in the center part of the bed. Therefore, you can try and soak up water by creating a few more beds. This was the water will have a place to go instead of getting accumulated.

All you have to do is just create more paths between the beds.

  1. Grade your backyard. 

You may have leveled your backyard really well but it is quite necessary to grade your backyard as well. In case of heavy rain and similar situations, the water in your backyard often exceeds the capacity of the soil to soak it in.

In these cases, your backyard needs a slope towards the street. This will make the extra water flow towards the street without letting it accumulate in your backyard. Therefore, consider grading your backyard when creating it or even after you face the water problem. It solves a lot of issues.

  1. Deal with the hard soil. 

If the soil in your backyard is very hard, it may be like a concrete barrier for the water to get through. Since it cannot get through and reach the soft soil, it gets accumulated on top. Therefore, you will have to break the barrier the hard soil creates.

In this case, you can go to using a shovel straight Break the hard soil down. This way you open the path to the soft soil for the water. Yes, the hard soil will still be there but it will be in a state that it creates no problem for the water that will be reaching your backyard.

  1. Thatching- Digging small holes. 

You do not want to harm the hard top layer of your backyard? Then, you can consider the art of thatching. Basically, you will be creating small but deep holes that lead the water from the surface to the soft soil beneath the surface.

Since the holes are quite small, you do not have to ruin the beauty of the hard top layer in your backyard. Furthermore, it is quite an easy task to achieve. You neither need many gears nor do you need expertise.

  1. Make a drain. 

This is one of the simplest things to say but hard to do. You may just extend the drain in your house to the backyard as well to soak the water up. If you cannot do that then you may have to create a drain on your own.

It can be a concrete one or you could just handle the soil in your backyard in a way that it drains water. You have to find a layout and pattern for the backyard so that it can easily drain the water from it.

In conclusion

Whatever be the case, whether you have a garden or not, no one wants water accumulated in their backyards. Neither does it feel good nor does it look good. As for the outcome, it is not good for health either.

So, it is necessary that you find the right way to soak up water from your backyard. As you already know, there is no one right way but many. You have to consider your backyard condition to find your own right way of soaking up the water.

But, take some solace in the fact that it is not a very hard task. If the results are right, you will have a good time making a path for the water to go.

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