How To Level Backyard

You may want to add some spark to your backyard with a pool or swing, or even a small soccer court. In order to do that you need a backyard that is suitable for such a thing. If there was nothing like that on it before, you will have to level the backyard so that there are no bumps or slopes that could get in the way.

Now, there are two things you can do- level the backyard or grade it. Leveling the backyard means keeping it completely plain whereas grading will have a slight slope. Why the slope? Because the slope will prevent the accumulation of water.

Whichever you are planning to do, the initial process- which is the leveling is the same. You just have to make a bit of a variation in measurements when you are grading. So, let us find out step by step how to level backyard.

How to level backyard: The Steps


  1. Get the Equipment. 

The first thing you need when you have decided to level your backyard yourself is the gears. Without them, all you will ever get done is getting yourself frustrated. Now, what kind of tools you get your hand on is a great factor here.

If your backyard is not that big, the manual tools like tiller, rake, shovel, stakes will take you a long way. On the other hand, if your backyard is big and your requirements bigger then you will need easier to use machines like a mower, roller, etc.

The bigger your work, the more heavy-duty machines you need. However, if you do not want to hire the heavy-duty machines, you can always keep more time in your hands to do the job. Although time-consuming, you will get it done with the gears you have.

  1. Mark where you need leveling. 

Surely, not all parts of your backyard is bumpy, is it? Therefore, it will be a waste of effort and energy if you aim to level your whole backyard when all of it does not even need leveling. So, this is where you walk around and mark where your backyard needs it.

  1. Use the stakes and strings.

Now, it is time for you to take one square at a time. Start with a small area that has the most bumps. Place four stakes around it in a square and tie strings to confine the area. That way, you no what you are working on.

  1. Remove grass and other plants. 

The area may have grass but it will get ruined while you level anyway. However, it will grow back again too so in order to get a clearer view, you can remove the grass. As for other plants and trees that you want unharmed, you can transfer them to a pot for the time being.

  1. Time to destroy the old ground. 

Now, this is where you can just brainlessly work. All you have to do is use your shovel or tiller to break the ground. You have to break the bumps and all the parts that make the ground uneven. When you are done with this phase, you will have a completely destroyed and loose ground to work on.

  1. Lay the Ground cover. 

Depending on what you want the height of your backyard to be, you will have to lay the new ground turf on the area. Then, you will have to spread it evenly. Or, this is where you can do the grading.

If you want a slope, you can level the ground in a way that it slopes to some degree to let the water go somewhere directed. You can use a roller, in this case, to level the ground cover evenly in this case.

  1. Time for the top cover. 

Now it is time for you to lay the top turf on the ground cover, this is the part everyone can see. When doing so make sure that you set it to the height you want it to be at. Furthermore, level it really well.

If the area you are working on is small then you can do so with just your feet.However, if it is not then you will have to use a roller. There is no exact point when you are done but it depends on how satisfied you are with the results.

  1. Use grass to cover. 

If you want to cover the backyard with grass then you will have to mix some grass seeds with the tops layer. Then, you can lightly leave some soil on top of the seeds too. Then, all you will have to do is let the ground settle for a while and water it regularly.

  1. Use Sod to Cover. 

If you do not want to give the backyard too much time to look naked then you can buy sod and lay it on the top layer. So, it will not require a lot of effort either. All you have to do is spread it and lay it evenly throughout the whole backyard.

  1. Give the ground some time to settle. 

Before you let your adults, children, and dogs out, you have to give the ground some time to recover. If they walk over the seeds and the freshly lain ground again it will stop being even throughout. Therefore, give it time and rest until it starts growing some grass.

In conclusion

When you may need around 2000 dollars to level your backyard with the help of an expert, you can do so within 500 dollars yourself. While yes, you may have to buy some tools if you do not own any already it won’t cost a lot. Furthermore, even if you have not done anything like this before, you can always learn and have fun in the process- involve your family members too to enjoy it more.

You will figure that when you do such a task you not only feel peaceful after doing it every day- because it takes your mind off the bad but you will also feel the ‘delight of creation’ once you are done. In fact, my guess is, you will be craving to take all your guests to the backyard to give them a look at the masterpiece you made.

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