How To String Lights Across Backyard

Light itself is quite wonderful- it can be sunlight, moonlight, stars, candlelight or string lights. Whichever form light takes, each has its own beauty.

You have to adorn a place with the right light first- only then will the place reach its peak beauty. While it is peaceful sitting in your backyard with no lights on and gazing at the stars, it does not mean you have to keep your backyard free of lights. A light strung backyard gives your backyard a look and feeling that will always lift your mood up.

However, it is not always that simple to string lights across your backyard, is it? Not all of us are blessed with a perfectly placed tree and hooks from beforehand to string the lights up. Luckily, it is not that difficult to string lights across the backyard either. So, let us take a look at the various ways you can string lights across the backyard.

How to string lights across the backyard: The various ways.


  1. Use your fence. 

Let’s start with the easy, shall we? Do you have a fence around your backyard? If so, how tall is it? Even if it is very tall you would still need wooden or metal poles to set the lights up at a height that will not make the lights touch your head.

If the fence is tall enough then you will have to attach hooks, or pads, or coaxial staples. Make sure that you secure them well. Then, put the strings of the light through them or tie them up gently.

  1. Fix the power source. 

There is no light without power. Therefore, this is the main consideration when you are hanging the string lights. You can choose different patterns in which you string up the lights. However, you will have to arrange the power source just like that.

It could be the pattern determining if you need an extension cord or it could be the power source determining the pattern in which you string up the lights.

So, if you cannot find the power source, you will have to use an extension cord to extend the source from indoors.

  1. The Trees and Other Objects.

There are such strong and sturdy things in the backyard that you can rely on to string the lights. It can be one tree or trees, it can be the railing, the covered patio, or anything else. However, the common problem is that they are not always arranged in a way in which you would like to put up the lights.

If they are then you can just twist and turn the strings around the tree or just arrange the string in various patterns using hooks on an existing structure- that’s easy.

  1. Find where you need the support. 

Suppose you have a pattern in mind in which you want to arrange the strings. What you can do is try arranging it first without attaching it anywhere. You can ask a friend to help or you can just keep the string on the ground arranging it in the pattern.

Then, you will have to mark where you need support. In some places, you will find a tree that can hold the string of light, in others, you may find the fence. But there will be places where you find nothing. That is where you will need more things and some more effort.

  1. Get support. 

You can choose poles and you can choose some concrete weights in which you make the pole stand. The problem here is that you will have to handle the bases and place them right. Once you get these poles or any other support that will help you string the light, you need to attach things to them so that the lights can stick to these supports.

These things are the hooks, snap hooks, pad eyes, etc. You have to attach these things to the support in a way that they hold the light in the best possible way.

  1. Wires and suspension kits. 

You can definitely use wires to hang the string lights up. Furthermore, many string lights come with a suspension kit that has everything you need to help you hang them up. They are not even hard to use.

So, you can look for such kits if your backyard is compatible with it.

How to string lights across backyard: Some Tips

  1. Get the bulbs off. 

When you are in the process of designing and hanging the lights up, it is best if you take the bulbs off and store them somewhere safe. Because whether they are made of glass or not, the collision when you are putting them up can break them. Better to prevent that from happening, right?

  1. Secure everything well. 

This should not come as a surprise. You do not want a section of the string light to fall on the food while you are having a party now, do you? In order to prevent such things from happening, make sure you attach the hooks and poles, and everything else well.

  1. Do not be too hard on the string. 

While you will have to attach the hooks quite tightly, you do not have to do the same with the strings. In fact, it is best if you are light on them and attach them with support in a tender manner. You can leave the lights slightly hanging rather than making them look like a completely straight line.

This is because you do not want to strain the string.

In conclusion

There is no limit to the way you can hang the lights up because it all comes down to your taste and creativity. However, what will limit you is the lack of support and equipment. There are poles and concrete bases that you can find and there are hooks and staples that will help you string the lights. Buy what you need keeping the pattern you want to arrange the lights in your mind. Everything will turn out just fine. If you are interested you can read ​How To Get Rid Of Flies In The Backyard​​​


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