Domi Outdoor Living Furniture Set Review: Should You Buy It?

Outdoor activity is always impressive and exciting, and what makes it even better is ensuring you have all the necessities with you. This comes in handy with the certainty of owning an outdoor living wicker set.

Then, you want to make that backyard a perfect spot for small gatherings, a chill-out or barbeque with friends and relatives? Well, why don’t you get a Domi outdoor living wicker set?  For you to be fully equipped with the necessary information about this set, here is an insightful and comprehensive review designed for you.

Thumbs Up For
  • Applicable in many events such as parties, get-togethers and backyard events.
  • Does not require any skills to set up; easy to set up to your desired preference.
  • Assembly does not consume a lot of your times, at most, you can use several minutes.
  • Sturdy; the hand woven PE wicker rattan set lightweight is very strong to resist the sun, rain and extremely high temperatures.
  • The rust-resistant steel frame gives the set a durable feature.
  • Upgraded comfort as a result of the elegant tempered glass tabletop which lets you place food, drinks or decor.
  • The removable zippered polyester covers make it easy to clean and wash.
  • The umbrella space is available which makes the table amazing, in that it meets all your summer needs.
  • A perfect fit for both indoors and outdoors decor.
  • Infinitely combination- There are many configuration options based on your preference and geography.
Thumbs Down For
  • Heavy rains and strong winds can cause a hazardous effect on the set.
  • A small field can hinder you from setting up the set.
  • The collection has a limited color choice.

Product Overview

Domi outdoor living is one of the most innovative garden furniture in the market today. The wicker set is quite suitable with small gatherings alike when you are opting to barbeque with your friends and family.

Key Features


Domi outdoor living comes in a modular design of different sizes. Overall size single sofa measures 25″L x 25″W x 24.8″H while corner sofa measures 29″L x 29″W x 24.4″H. The tea table measures  25″L x 25″W x 12.6″H with a weight capacity of each sofa being 330 pounds.


The set weighs a lit bit heavier, the weight of each sofa approximately 330 pounds, but with a hand or two, you can move it from one point to another with a lot of ease.


A rust-resistant steel frame is used in the making of this Domi which boosts its longevity and harnesses its sturdiness.

There is also a lightweight handwoven PE rattan set strong enough to savor as a resistance to the scorching sun, high temperatures, and rain showers.


Domi outdoor living is quick and easy to assembly. It includes a 7-Piece patio furniture set which comes with all the necessary hardware and proper instructions for efficient assembly without hassle.


There is tempered glass tabletop, elegant in fact, which allows you to place foodstuffs or other items.

The cushions of the set are filled with a thick sponge which grants you relaxation at its maxima whenever seated or reclining with your back. The polyester covers are zippered therefore removable, which encourages ease of cleaning and washing.

These features of the Domi outdoor living make it a comfy and great set for you.


Domi outdoor living is designed with a dining set which is a beautiful addition to any patio. This stylish set provides seating to a maximum of 6 persons, making it the perfect set up for outdoor family dinners and hosting get-togethers for you and your friends.

There is also space where you can fix an umbrella which makes the table quite amazing to meet all your summer needs. Its weather-resistant aluminum design makes the set ideally for long term use.


The steel frame offers steady, stable support to the set which promotes the long term strength.

This set is extensive which offers stable support and an upgraded comfort to all the persons seated. The back cushions, seat cushion, and the armrest cushion have a thickness dimension offering you a comfortable posture while reclining your back, minimal tiredness while seated and comfy armrest.

Value for Money

Domi is dedicated to producing well-designed and high-quality products at affordable prices. Domi outdoor living comes with the best user experience to you. It makes your garden a unique place for your family to enjoy life.


Can I get the set in another color?

Sorry, only one color of this set is available in the meantime.

How about scratches on the deck planks?

You do not have to worry about that. The bottom part of its legs is fully covered with plastic mats discouraging scratching of the deck planks.

Is it worth the purchasing price?

Yes, it is. Actually, on that note, the smartness, durability, comfortability alongside other features such as the tempered glass tabletop simulates more elegance to the set. You would even want to purchase another set for a surprise gift to a relative or even a friend.


Product care

Highly advised to use the Domi outdoor living umbrella with wind speeds being less than 10MPH. Extreme strong winds might savor a hazardous effect on the set. During harsh weather conditions, kindly do not use! Whenever you are not using your umbrella, for instance, during the bad weather, you can close it to promote the longevity of the umbrella.

Final Verdict

Typically, the insightful review has answered your why and how to get your Domi outdoor living. Having such a set and calling it yours is one of the epitome choices you would have made. Probably, you should add this to your cart on your next shopping.

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