Merrell Moab 2 Tactical Review : Is This Your Ultimate Hiking Boots?

If told to choose between bonny and quality-stamped shoes, I’m pretty sure that the heart will be willing to take both, but I don’t know what you’ll prefer, anyway.

Merell (a footwear company), however, doesn’t give such options. It invests in quality, beauty, and sundry other top-notch qualities in a single product, so you don’t have to make difficult choices. One of such boon products is the Men’s Moab 2 Mid Tactical Waterproof shoes.

Merrell Men's Moab 2 Mid Tactical Waterproof Military Boot,...

This article reviews the product, clearly highlighting its outstanding features, Pros, Cons, and other variables.

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  • Made of thick, waterproof leather that lasts long as you already know
  • At the base is a Vibram TC5+ outsole that withstands any traction
  • Stability arms are sprayed with rubber for extra security
  • Closure Bellows tongues keep away debris
  • Toe cap made of rubber — alleviates chances of a deformed toe tip
  • Heel Molded interior heels cups your heels for more stability and comfort
  • Kinetic Fit footbeds on both sides add comfort to your feet
  • Soft ankle collar
  • Comes in a variety of colors and sizes
Thumbs Up For
  • The materials make it durable, hence save your wallet
  • High-level protection from hard objects means your legs will stay healthy
  • The waterproof feature makes them usable during the wet season
  • The shoes are cost-effective, especially with the features in place
  • The design is alluring
  • Can be used in any terrain
  • Comes in multiple sizes, hence yours is available!
Thumbs Down For
  • Ther are a few complaints of coarse stitches in the interior
  • Some customers have an issue with the jumbo tongue that disturbs them with proper lacing, though this is manageable
  • These are mostly men’s shoes

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The Merell Moab 2 Tactical Men’s Waterproof Boots Review

Whether you’re hiking, running, biking, mountain climbing, or any other sports enthusiast, the Merell Moab 2 shoes remain your best fit on all occasions. They bring in security, comfort, durability, elegance, and high-rated wearing resistance to you, all in just a pair of shoes.

With all these, the magical men’s shoes still retail at a very cost-effective price.

You no longer have to struggle walking through debris and feet-unfriendly solvents. These waterproof shoes are crafted to keep your feet dry and healthy. Their PU-coated leather cover is highly waterproof, with a ripstop upper never to allow for any beauty-rigging scratches.

Also, they protect your feet from any form of dangerous objects — thanks to their sturdy Vibram TC5+ outsoles and wear-proof upper made of leather.

I also love them for their protective construction. Your toes are often vulnerable, but these shoes’ rubber toe cap won’t allow any impulse to cause damage on your toes. Apart from being protective alone, the toe caps are as well abrasion-resistant to keep the integrity of your shoes’ beauty while also lasting.

The midsole has thick air cushion around the heel to absorb shock while also adding to the shoes’ stability and elegance. What a windfall!

The Merell Moab 2 are also tested for durability, having been built on the original Moab platform. Customers have always praised Moab’s durability since their introduction in 2006.

Luckily, these new ones have been further made more durable than their predecessors — the Moab hiking boots. So this is the time to bid farewell to frequent replacements due to short shoe lifetimes, which makes you save even more.

While choosing shoes, you’ll also want to get the lightest of all — you know what I mean. With light weights on your toes, running, climbing the mountain, hiking, or doing any other type of sports will be seamless.

And this is yet another feature brought to the table by the Merell Moab 2. Both of the shoes only weigh 2 lb and 7 oz. That’s all you have to pull along with you while sporting.

Last, but not least, I always advise that the manufacturer also plays a role in the quality of product anyone buys. Merell is an award-winning, 38-year old globally trusted footwear company that has penetrated the global market with world-class hiking boots and other types of footwear. We have all the reasons to trust the company based on their past services.

Who’s Best Suited To Use It?

And who’s best suited to use a shoe? Generally everyone!

These shoes are best for any type of activity, even just sitting. So as long as you need shoes, they fit you. One more thing, if you think of suitability for using these shoes with regard to size, I’m happy to mention that the Merell Moab 2 Tactical shoes are available in myriads of sizes.

The sizes range from 3.5 to 15 wide. Be sure to visit Amazon for a detailed chart displaying the shoe sizes. Meanwhile, I bet your size is available.

What Are Customers Saying?

Behind customer reviews, there are real experiences that, when taken into consideration, should give prospective customers a hint of what’s inside a product or service. Taking a close look at the feedback on Amazon and other platforms, you’ll notice their praises to the functionality, durability, comfort, and other excellent features of the shoes.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are They Breathable?

Yes, why not? They’re highly breathable but still waterproof.

What’s Their Price?

The price depends on many factors, mostly the size, but there’s an assurance that the whole price range is affordable. Take it from me.

Is My Size Available?

I can place a bet on that. The size ranges from 3.5 to 15-Large (US sizes). Isn’t your size within this range?

Where Are The Shoes Made?

I can’t be specific, but the company is native to Rockford, Michigan, US. I have a strong feeling that this is the same location where the shoes are made.

How Many Color Variations Are Available?

I have seen black, coyote, and brindle, but I know that there are more.


The Bottom Line

With shoes that look, feel, and perform right, you have the permission to achieve what you like, wherever and whenever. You also have every reason to involve yourself in every harsh task, as these shoes do not often go easy on the type of terrain.

Don’t be left behind! Join millions of the other customers worldwide in the happiness of using the Merell Moab 2 Tactical Waterproof shoes.

Happy shopping, pals!

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