Lifestraw Water Filter Review

Hiking and camping out is a great way to connect with nature. It also works as a fun way to exercise while improving your survival instincts.

But since these activities can be quite tiring, hikers are required to pack light. Since you need a lot of water to stay hydrated, taking gallons of water with you is not an option. As an alternative, you may want to try the Lifestraw Personal Water Filter.

In this Lifestraw review, we will law down all of its key features and give you our honest opinion about this product. We tried to be as critical as possible to help you decide if this is the perfect hiking companion for you.

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

What We Like

  • It effectively filters out waterborne bacteria, parasites, microplastics, and other tiny particles from the water.
  • It is lightweight and highly portable.
  • It is easy to use and maintain.
  • It has an impressive 1000-gallon capacity with no expiry date.
  • It is affordable.

What We Don’t Like

  • There is slight resistance when you use the Lifestraw for the first time, so you may need extra patience to get the water through.
  • It cannot filter out elements or chemicals that have already blended into the water.

Lifestraw Water Filter Review

The Lifestraw Personal Water Filter is an innovative item that changes the way we filter out water from natural sources like lakes or streams.

It uses state-of-the-art technology to make sure that we have clean water to drink wherever we may be. This makes it an essential item in every emergency preparedness kit.

To give you an idea as to why we were so impressed with this item, we made sure to detail all of its notable features in this Lifestraw water filter review.

Superior Filtration

First of all, the Lifestraw Personal Water Filter boasts a superior filtration system that can remove harmful bacteria, parasites, and microplastics.

It uses a hollow membrane filter with a very small pore size of 0.2 microns. This is how it is capable of trapping the tiny particles that float on the water.

To paint you a bigger picture of how powerful it is, we must mention that it can filter out up to 99.999999% of waterborne bacteria from the water source.

The hollow fiber membrane filter on the Lifestraw does not allow bacteria like E. Coli, Shigella, and Salmonella to pass through with the water. And that leaves you with safe and clean filtered water.

Aside from bacteria, the Lifestraw Water Filter also blocks out 99.999% of parasites, including Giardia, which is responsible for beaver fever, and cryptosporidium, which can cause gastrointestinal and respiratory diseases.

It can even filter out up to 99.999% of the microplastics floating on the water, so you won’t be drinking contaminated water.

We must also note that this product surpasses the standards set by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. If that doesn’t give you peace of mind, we don’t know what would.

However, we must note that this particular model, the Lifestraw Personal Water Filter, cannot filter out elements like heavy metal and other chemicals that have blended into the water.

In this case, you might want to consider other Lifestraw products with the carbon capsule filter. This special filter works to absorb these pollutants so the remaining water is safe for drinking.

Nevertheless, if you’re hiking or camping out in a place where the water source isn’t exposed to chemicals or heavy metals, this Lifestraw Water Filter will work great for you.

No Chemicals

We also love that the Lifestraw Water Filter is chemical-free.

It uses BPA-free materials, so you know that it is safe for everyone to use. Neither does it use iodine, chlorine, and other chemicals to clean out the water.

It simply uses a hollow membrane filter with microscopic pores that are too small to allow the smallest of microorganisms to pass through. It also uses a construction that does not have any moving parts, so you’re assured that nothing is a potential choking hazard.

Knowing that no chemical is involved in filtering out the water is a huge plus for us.

After all, who would want to drink water that’s been exposed to potentially harmful substances?

We’re sure that we don’t.

Highly Portable

The Lifestraw Personal Water filter is 9 inches long with a 1-inch diameter. Also, it only weighs around 2 ounces, and these dimensions make it highly portable.

And since it has two protective caps on each end, you can safely keep it inside your bag without worrying about getting it dirty.

Because of its portable nature, the Lifestraw becomes a great alternative to taking a water bottle with you. You can use it to drink directly on stream water when you’re hiking.

Or if you’re going camping, you can scoop water onto a wide-mouthed container and sip water with the Lifestraw. Either way, you don’t have to worry about it being a burden inside your bag.

Aside from hiking, the Lifestraw is a great item in case of a survival situation. You will never know when disaster will hit you, and in these cases, it is best to be ready and just have this item inside your emergency preparedness kit.

So if the time comes, you’ll have access to safe drinking water.

Easy To Use

Most importantly, the Lifestraw is very easy to use. Regardless of your age, you can surely use this with no problem at all.

This water filter does not use any batteries, and neither does it have any fancy contraption that you should operate before you can drink from it. You simply remove the protective caps on both ends and use it as you would any other straw.

And since all of us are familiar with drinking with a straw, you don’t need any special training just to get it to work.

Also, the Lifestraw has an impressively high flow rate, so you don’t have to exert a lot of effort just to get the water through the straw.

Once you’re finished drinking, the manufacturer recommends performing a backflush on your Lifestraw. You can do this by simply blowing out of the mouthpiece. This will push the trapped contaminants down to make way for the next time you drink with it.

Our Verdict

Overall, the Lifestraw Personal Water Filter exceeded our expectations. We were most impressed by its powerful filtration system which gets rid of disease-carrying contaminants.

With the consistent testing involved to perfect the filters, we couldn’t believe how affordable it is.

So whether you’re planning to go on extended hikes or explore the Amazon, you can count on this water filter to keep you hydrated.

And even if you’re just staying at home, owning one gives you peace of mind in case of emergencies. You will never have to worry about access to clean and potable water ever again.

How To Use A Lifestraw

Since it has been introduced, a lot of people still find themselves intrigued by the Lifestraw. A common misconception is that it is hard to use.

But really, you use it as you would any other straw. To stop you from trying to guess, we will teach you how to use a Lifestraw.

To put it simply, you can use the Lifestraw as an alternative to your average filterless straws. If you can safely access a water source, you can drink directly from it with the help of your

Lifestraw. Alternatively, you can take water from the source with a bottle, then sip that water with your Lifestraw. It’s really as easy as that!


Can you use the Lifestraw with seawater?

No. Lifestraw works by filtering out microorganisms and microplastics that could potentially cause diseases. It does not desalinate water. Thus, while it can remove the tiny particles floating on the seawater, it cannot separate the salt from it.

What is the shelf life of a Lifestraw Water Filter?

There is no time limit as to when the Lifestraw can no longer be used. What you have to bear in mind is that the Lifestraw can filter out up to 1,000 gallons or 4,000 liters of water. Once you have used it up to this maximum limit, you should already discard the item.

How do you know when the Lifestraw has reached its limit?

The Lifestraw has no marker or physical indicator that tells us when we should stop using it. However, the manufacturer claims that once you can no longer get the water to run through the straw, then that is an indication that the Lifestraw has already reached its limit.

Are the filters on the Lifestraw replaceable?

No. Each Lifestraw unit is made with a built-in filtration system. With that said, you cannot disassemble it to get the old straw water filter out and replace it with a new one. Once it has reached its limit, you have to discard it and buy a new Lifestraw.

Does the Lifestraw get rid of fluoride in water?

No, Lifestraw does not get rid of fluoride in water. Lifestraw filters out microorganisms, microplastics, and other tiny particles that float in water. However, elements that have blended with water, such as fluoride, cannot be removed by a Lifestraw.

Final Words

All things considered, it is easy to see why a Lifestraw review is always positive. With its superior technology and constant testing, this item is changing the way we filter water for drinking. It is making drinking water safe and accessible for everyone. And for that alone, it deserves praise.


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