Coleman Carlsbad Tent Review

Camping is an unparalleled outdoor experience. Seeing the sights, feeling the breeze, you simply cannot feel this way in the city.

However, a lousy tent could ruin your entire camping experience. After your long journey to your campsite, you will naturally grow tired. You also need to prepare yourself for the next day.

A bad night’s sleep will leave you groggy and unprepared, not to mention the many health detriments it incurs.

That is why you need to get a good tent to add to your camping gear.

This Coleman Carlsbad tent review is here to tell you how this particular unit does such an excellent job in enhancing your camping trips.

Coleman Carlsbad Tent Review

Thumbs Up For
  • Dark Room technology lets you have extra hours of uninterrupted sleep
  • Screen room gives you space to view the outside without any bugs interrupting you
  • The room also allows you to sleep in a more ventilated environment if you need
  • Very spacious even for 4 people
  • The storage pockets give you convenient access to your necessities
  • High life expectancy leads to more return on investment
Thumbs Down For
  • The Screen Room has poor water resistance options; rendering it unusable during rain and wet weather
  • Front door only opens on the right side, making it unnecessarily complicated to enter
  • The Dark Room feature makes the windows hard to utilize

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Coleman Carlsbad Tent Review

Before discussing any further, let us see some of the key features that make this tent so great.

Key Features 

  • Blocks out 97.5% sunlight to add in some extra hours to your sleeping time with its high-tier Dark Room system
  • Keeps the inside cold
  • Separate screened-in room protects you from bugs and offers ventilation
  • Included carry bag provides compact storage of the tent and additional storage space
  • Contains small storage units to keep your small essentials secure
  • Built with superior WeatherTec system that always keeps the interior dry
  • Has a center height of 4 feet 11 inches that can fit a queen-sized air bed
  • Can fit up to four people
  • Easy quick set up
  • Durable polyester material for long-lasting usage

Dark Room System

Camping can be really tiring, but that does not mean you fall asleep immediately after setting up camp. In fact, there is a lot you can do at night. Set up a campfire, watch the stars, tell stories, and so on.

As fun as that is, you need to revitalize yourself to get yourself back to speed for the next day. Without the proper preparations, you will be in a for a rude awakening.

Standard tents do not do an excellent job in blocking out sunlight. Some might say that taking in the fresh morning sun might be good for you, but it is definitely not worth losing your precious sleep hours over. This is why we must describe the darkroom system first in this tent review.

With this, your tent will remain dark and fit for sleeping even during noon; allowing yourself to sleep as long as you need. It gives you shelter on sunny days, and it even keeps the inside cold.

This feature is almost vital to give yourself an edge over nature. With a 97.5% sunlight prevention, there is no doubt that this Coleman unit goes above and beyond to give you the best sleep time possible.

Screen In Room

One of the best experiences of camping is watching the stars at night. However, it is not that simple. You could be attacked by bugs from all directions. Dealing with insects is just another challenge of camping, but it should not interrupt you from enjoying your night.

That is where the Coleman tent’s screened-in room comes into play. The transparent screening gives you a nice view of the outside while also protecting you from bugs. It is even big enough to act as a lounging area with ample space to sleep.

Some nights might just be too hot to sleep, which is why the excellently designed screen room has superior ventilation to keep you nice and cool. With the generous sleeping space in the room, it becomes a convenient alternate sleeping space on hotter nights.

Convenient Storage Facilities

It never hurts to have some extra storage space, especially if it comes at no additional cost or weight. Yes, this 4-person tent comes with a storage pocket sewn onto its walls. You can keep small items easily; always at an arm’s reach.

Also, you can use it to store numerous small necessities like torchlights, knives, keys, and many more. The fact that they are always close by and easy to find in the tent makes it so much more convenient.

Of course, we cannot forget to mention the carry bag you get with the tent. It manages to be both compact and spacious. You can easily put the entire tent in it, and even then you will have plenty of room to store more of your camping gear and supplementary goods without sacrificing any space in your bag.

WeatherTec System

Weather conditions may be the biggest challenge when camping. However, there is a great sense of adventure in camping under harsh conditions. Nevertheless, it will not do you any good if you end up getting drenched, or if your tent ends up in shambles.

Coleman thought ahead and employed their state of the art WeatherTec system. This is easily the highlight of this 4-person tent. The level of dryness it brings to the table is bound to amaze you.

It does this by employing a tube-like floor with welds that keep water away. The high-quality polyester keeps you secure from above, while the patented welds systems keep the floor nice and dry. You will not even notice how hard it rained outside.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Below are some of the most commonly asked queries regarding the Coleman Carlsbad tents:

Can the rainfly be removed?

Yes, it can be removed.

Does the tent come with components that can cover the screen room?

No. However, you manually install another rainfly onto the screen room to emulate that effect.

Can I pass electrical cords through the tent without keeping a door or window open?

Yes, some compartments allow you to do so.

How effective is the case?

It is very effective. You can easily store and take out the tent in no time at all.

Can it accommodate a queen-sized air bed?

Yes, it can. However, it needs to be blown inside the tent.


Final Words

All in all, it is hard to debate the fact that this tent is an incredible option. If you have been considering this model for quite some time now, we hope that this Coleman Carlsbad tent review will help you make the right decision.

Happy Camping!

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1 thought on “Coleman Carlsbad Tent Review”

  1. This is without a doubt the worst tent I’ve ever camped in. The screen room is a joke. everything I put in the screen room got ruin during the first rain. the darkroom technology is a joke. When the sun comes up in the morning you got about 10 minutes to get the hell out of that rent it was 76°F ok outside at 8am inside the tent the temperature rose above 120°F. The windows a joke as well no breeze or air whatsoever came through. then in order to stand up all the way you have to be in the very center of the tent. Another thing the poles are weak as we were in the North Carolina Great Smoky Mountains it rain quite a bit. Well eventually the poles started breaking the floor started leaking and water was coming through the seams of the rain fly. Coleman Carlsbad 10 man tent is the absolute worst tent I ever seen. Don’t waste your money on this one.


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