Kodiak Canvas Tent Review & Buying Guide

The reason why I think to write about tents and also give a Kodiak canvas tent review is that I know the importance of camping. There is absolutely no improved way to get a break from the everyday chores than to devote some time outdoors.

Once you are arranging your breaks for the summer you would think about activities like hiking and fishing. But if you need a real escape, you have to try spending a few nights in the vast outdoors. It would be recharging and you would return to your routine life being a new person.

Kodiak Canvas Tent review

So as to enjoy your camping trip with no stress you would have to make sure you have all the necessary stuffs with you.

This includes sleeping bags, bug spray, matches, and most importantly a good consistent tent. You are going to need a fine, strong tent that is also comfy.

If you seek online, you would see that there is a large variety of canvas camping tents to pick from. I say canvas because this is one of the best and most loved fabrics that makes the tent more usable.

I would like to suggest 3 most favorite canvas tents from the brand Kodiak.

Types Of Kodiak Canvas Tent

Here in this section, I am just going to list all the 3 Canvas tents that I am going to talk about in details later on!

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Kodiak Canvas 6-Person Flex-Bow Review

Kodiak Canvas 6-Person Flex-Bow Review

When we think about hiking and mountaineering trips, camps are the essential fun parts. And for tents, you need a brand that gives you all kinds of choices and options. Kodiak is one of such brand.

This particular six-person canvas tent is a quality tent. The price tag is higher-than-average. But for that kind of performance, I would give my money happily.

What I Like:

  • A long-lasting piece of product you would love to own.
  • The height of the product is perfect.
  • The floor is bombproof.

What I Don’t Like:

  • The weight is a little bit much than average tents.
  • There is no distinct rainfly.
  • The tent is not free standing.
  • There is a solid and enduring plastic odor coming from the floor.

This is a Canvas tent with fluctuating scores of the fabric used in the structure of the walls and the top. The walls are finely created from 8.5 ounces Hydra-Shield canvas. This canvas is their special kind of canvas.

The courtesy to the roofing is admissibly defensible for maximum people who love trekking to places that are vacant and where it can shower or snow. The fabric used for making a tent is an issue very vital to mull over.

Final Thoughts

The further preservation is worth each penny and the time. The rough canvas creation is exactly the thing that takes us back to our golden memories.

Though it is correct that it is weighty, it would also stand straight contrary to rains and blizzards and also to high breezes.

It is capable to adjust a lot of people and tackle, so it is perfect for a larger faction. Being an every-climate tent, this is the model where nothing can go out of the way.

Though, I would like to suggest that you might not attempt and use this tent in a hilly environment.

Also, don’t use it in areas with hefty snow accretion. So if you have no problem with the minimal cons, you might go for this model. It would be a fun camping tent to attend you and your next generation of travelers for a long period.

Kodiak Canvas 8-Person Flex-Bow Review

Kodiak Canvas 8-Person Flex-Bow Review

This model is very famous in consumers. It has earned a lot of positive praises on buying sites and other reviews as well.

I am a big fan of canvas tents but I was amused to find this one tent to be so prevalent among consumers that it in point of fact had the maximum average consumer ratings.

You would find this product in most of the reviews you go through online. It has features that are mind-blowing and it is made with extreme care according to the manufacturers.

And so, the eight-person tent has made a place on our list and let’s now explore the pros and cons of this particular product.

What I Like:

  • The setup and tear down is extremely hassle-free and quick.
  • The strongest tent ever in our view.
  • The steel stakes are extremely tough.
  • The ventilation system is fantastic.
  • The roof height is very long
  • A comforting tent having high resistant to the strong breeze.
  • The tent lasts for a very long period.
  • The bag attached lets you carry the tent easily and the design is clever to use.

What I Don’t Like:

  • The tent is heavy and becomes weightier when it gets wet.
  • The user needs to dry it out completely before storing.
  • The tent isn’t free-standing.
  • The floor feels and looks too plastic.

Final Thoughts

This eight-person tent is so strong-featured and well-made that it could sustain the most disastrous weather situations. The magic feature is the one-inch diameter steel poles.

Also, their special canvas material which I mentioned earlier is used for the tent’s ceilings and side walls.

However, the only negative issue that could be troubling is its weight. The tent gets a little heavier when it’s wet. Otherwise, it is one of the best things for an eight-people trip.

So, if the mass isn’t a big hitch for you then this is the perfect one for your car camp out, family camp out or other hunting tours. The Flex-Bow is the kind of tent that’s so hard-wearing that it would last for peers!

Kodiak Canvas 4-Person Flex-Bow Review

Kodiak Canvas 4-Person Flex-Bow Review

And this is our final pick for the review. The flex blows four-person canvas tent is excellent for the lone travelers who like to travel with one or two people. It would be luxurious for the one who like to travel alone and needs enough space for oneself.

What I Like:

  • Small and easy to carry.
  • Durable and can resist high winds.
  • The headroom is excellent.
  • The material doesn’t leak.

What I Don’t Like:

  • The material is heavy as like other models.
  • The carry bag needs to have a little extra space.

The floor is made of a great-duty material, hole resistant, thirteen oz. vinyl with joined seams that doesn’t let the water inside.

You barely need a few minutes to set it up. It’s super easy. The steep walls and six-foot-high roof deliver a large inner space.

The space inside comes with stand-up capability and you can walk around without trouble.

There are two doors included and also four windows in the tent. The ventilation system is finest and supplies enough fresh air to keep the inside lively.

The inside windows and vents have no-see-um screen web included which is amazing. It helps to keep bugs out of your residing area and lets you sleep in peace.

There is also a big canopy that provides shade and a concealed entrance. The bag is also good but you need to push the tent inside since it fits tightly inside the bag.

There is a limited time warranty and the tent goes well with tough weathers and situations.

Final Thoughts

I would like to suggest it to travelers who love taking trips with a few close buddies. In short, this tent is made of finest materials and gives long-lasting features that would surely win any heart.

But if you have an issue with the weight and carry bag then you can still go for the other two options. Obviously, it’s completely up to the personal preference of the user.

However, if you ask us I would highly recommend this excellent build-up tent.

The Buying Guide Features To Hunt For!

Getting the correct tent to buy could be enjoyable or exhausting! I love looking at shops and to get the finest prices at the end of the period.

It is important to have a look at the shops and choose which tents you can go with. Next, you can look for any online discounts. So when considering a tent think about-

The Magnitude Of The Tent

How many persons would be in the tent?

Do you want to house kids?

Having area to eat and play games in is a good idea as it means you could get on with it no matter what the weather!

What things would you be carrying with you?

Would you keep your bags in the vehicle or in the camp?

Also, consider if you want to cook inside or outside it. These are important to factors to think about.

Design Of  Your Tent

Recent tents could be challenging to set up. This year a number of campers were seeking for tents and they were very confused specifically with these huge tents. You need to consider how many people would be there to help set up the tent.

The best way is to practice before in the garden before the trip. There are numerous styles of tents available now.

For example A-frame, tunnel and hoop – but before you choose any of them you need to think about other things too. Consider if you need separate living space and sleeping spaces as this might impact the style you require.

Having Looked Through The Internet

You need to go through reviews and other information on the product you’re focusing to buy. This is the most convenient way to be absolutely sure about the product you are investing your money on. It’s better you don’t this point.

Make a strategy beforehand about what tent you are requiring and then you won’t be so unfocused when you begin looking.

Also never forget to check online for tent reviews as these would give you additional information about any glitches with the tent.

The Season You Are Going Out On

Buying a canvas tent would be an all-problem solver step here. Since canvas can stay strong in almost any season or any disaster you might face on your camping time.  They are large and have enough space to house family inside.

You need to point out how large you want it and also check the detailed material used in the tent. Camping throughout the winter months could get really cold.

Canvas retains the heat inside and lets you stay warm and they do it better than any other material. This is one of the key reason why people have a soft corner for canvas tents.


You need to have an amount fixed in your mind that you would like to spend. Try to have a fair amount to make sure you go for best quality tents.

Kodiak Canvas Tent Setup

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why Would Anyone Choose Canvas Over Other Materials?

Well, Canvas is in fact woven from cotton. The fabric has been around for a really long time and is used for tents since of its strength and long-lasting features.

Would The Heavy Material Be Able To Keep The Temperature Inside Fine?

The canvas tent retains the temperature inside perfectly than any other fabrics. As mentioned previously the canvas material is thicker and tougher. It actually has fleabags in the fabric that lets it breathe, while all at once it is excellent in holding the hot or cool air inside. This breadth and durability would keep the tents fill-in. And so this is the most preferred tent option during the summer or winter months.

Is The Heaviness Of The Tent A Problem?

The fabric is weighty and too much to transfer. And so these canvas tents are mostly used for long-term camping by hikers and trekkers.

Wrapping up

The greatest thing to keep in mind when selecting a camping tent is to not link apples to oranges. In different words, match economy to economy and luxury to luxury. Figure out what you need, then compare only the tents that meet those requirements.

The one that comes out as the victor would give you lasting eminence at a reasonable price. The best canvas camp-out tents are the ones that would guard you against disasters, and bugs, such as bees, flies, and mosquitoes.

Also, you need to be sure that the tent is cozy and stress-free to assemble.

However, if you’re somebody like me who loves camping and needs a tent enough for lodging a family, think over buying yourself a high-quality canvas tent suggested in the Kodiak canvas tent review I included above.

Hopefully, you’ll get the tent that would company you for a long period.

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