What To Consider When Choosing The Best 308 Rifle Scope For All Budgets

The 308 rifle is one of the most famous guns available today. It has been tested both on the battle and hunting grounds and proven to be worthy.

When using it for long-range shooting, a scope is necessary. This is one of the factors that contribute to the pinpoint accuracy of the 308.

Best 308 Rifle Scope For All Budgets

It is available in a wide variety of different features. To choose the best 308 rifle scopes that best suits you, here are a few factors that you should consider:

Its Ability To Maintain Zero

After taking the shot, a good scope should reset to zero calibration. This affects the accuracy when you make the range adjustments.

If the calibration is not at zero before you start making the adjustments then chances are that you will miss the target. This is more so when you take a long-range shot, about 500yards onward.

Although the gun is known to have a moderate recoil, the force can still affect the zero depending on factors such as the ammunition that you are using and the make of the scope. This brings us to the second point.

The Make Of The Scope

They are made up using different designs and materials which in turn affect the durability and capabilities. For instance, some are fog proof hence can be used in foggy weather without much concern.

Materials such as aircraft aluminum have tough mechanical properties hence doesn’t scratch easily. It is also light thus doesn’t add much to the total weight of the equipment.

Based on these issues, your choice should be influenced by the specific intended use you have in mind. See this link to know a few different types of rifle scopes https://adventure.howstuffworks.com/outdoor-activities/hunting/traditional-methods/rifle-scope2.htm

Quality Of The Glass

This is very important as it determines how clear you will be able to see your target. The high-quality glass will enable you to see the finer details that you can’t see through low-quality ones. Good hunters usually target specific parts of the prey. This requires that you be able to see the part clearly so as to take a clean shot with precision. The glass should also be easy to clean and maintain.

Eye Relief

The space between your eye and the near end of the scope should be about 3.7 inches or more. This is for the accommodation of the kickback produced by the recoil force of the rifle. It also allows for a better view of the target and the immediate surroundings.

Power Adjustability

The scope can be either fixed or variable in terms of power. The former as the name suggests has only one magnification setting while the latter has a variety of magnifications that one can set.

As such, it is greater in terms of utility since you can use it for both short and long-range shooting. The fixed power is only appropriate for short ranges but is more affordable and durable in comparison to the variable power.

The Manufacturing Brand

As a novice, it is recommended that you opt for renowned brands as they make good quality equipment that can be trusted to deliver. This makes your work easier as you won’t have to worry about a lot of issues such as the zero error.

They also offer warranties that guarantee the reliability of their products. If it happens to malfunction within the stipulated time then you can take it back for fixing or replacement. You can read more about the importance of brand for gun buyers in this link.


Your choice based on the price should be influenced by your financial status. Go for what lies within your budget range and also provides you with the functionality you require.

That being said, good quality gadgets don’t come cheap. You should focus on the long-term benefits to determine the cost-effectiveness.


When it comes to the success of your mission, accessories are just as important as the gun itself. Therefore, you should ensure that you get the best equipment that won’t hinder you from hitting your target.

Although the price and quality are relative, avoid investing heavily in features that you don’t need. For example, there is no need to buy military-grade gear when your intended use is sports or hunting. Yes, it offers enhanced features but will also add greatly to the total cost incurred.

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