How to Make a Backyard Putting Green: A Step-by-Step Guide

Golf enthusiasts and weekend warriors alike will love the convenience and fun of having a backyard putting green. Not only does it offer a great way to practice your putting skills, but it also adds a touch of green to your outdoor space and provides a place to relax and enjoy the outdoors. Here’s how to get started.

Materials and Tools Before you start building your backyard putting green, you’ll need to gather the following materials:

  • Artificial turf or sod
  • Weed barrier material
  • Sand
  • Concrete pavers or bricks
  • Sand and seed mix
  • Rubber tee markers
  • Golf flags and holes

Step-by-Step Guide

Choose Your Location

Select an area in your backyard that is level, flat, and has good drainage. The area should also be in a sunny location and free from any obstacles that could interfere with your putting.

Prepare the Ground

Clear the area of any grass or vegetation and lay down a weed barrier to prevent any future growth. Make sure the weed barrier is cut to fit the area and that the edges are secured with rocks, bricks, or other weights.

Install the Turf or Sod

Install artificial turf or sod over the weed barrier, making sure it is cut to fit the area and that the edges are secured. If using sod, water it regularly to encourage growth and establishment.

Add the Sand Create

small sand bunkers around the putting green to add challenge and difficulty to your putting game. Mix sand with seed and spread it over the turf or sod to create a natural-looking putting surface.

Install the Concrete Pavers or Bricks

Use concrete pavers or bricks to create a border around the putting green. This will not only help to define the putting surface, but it will also help to prevent the sand from spreading and make it easier to maintain.

Add the Golf Flags and Holes Place

Rubber tee markers around the putting green and install golf flags and holes. This will allow you to play a full game of golf and practice your putting skills.


What kind of turf or sod should I use for my putting green?

Artificial turf or sod can both be used for a backyard putting green. Artificial turf is easier to maintain, but sod offers a natural-looking surface.

Do I need to use a weed barrier?

Yes, a weed barrier is important to prevent any future growth of grass or vegetation and to keep the sand in place.

Can I use real sand for the bunkers?

Yes, real sand can be used for the bunkers. Mixing sand with seed will help to create a natural-looking surface.

Do I need to have a border around my putting green?

Yes, a border helps to define the putting surface and make it easier to maintain.

In conclusion, building a backyard putting green is a fun and easy project that can provide hours of entertainment and practice for golfers of all skill levels. With the right materials and tools, creating your own putting green is a simple process that requires minimal effort and maintenance. So, gather your materials, follow the steps, and have fun creating your own backyard putting green!

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