How To Eliminate Armadillos From Under Your Deck

To get rid of armadillos under the deck, trap and relocate them. Now, armadillos can be interesting to look at, but they can also create havoc in your garden or lawn.

If you have them under the deck, you will undoubtedly need to take action. Whether you’re trying to prevent them from causing damage to plants, trees, or other structures, taking the right steps can be the difference between success and failure.

Unfortunately, armadillos can be incredibly tough to get rid of, and it’s essential to start acting as soon as possible. In this article, we’ll explore the most efficient methods to eliminate armadillos under your deck.

Understanding Armadillos And Their Habitat

Armadillos are small omnivores with a distinctive, armored shell. They usually prefer to live underground in areas with sandy soil. Armadillos can be problematic for homeowners when they begin to burrow under porches, decks, and other structures. As they dig underneath these structures, they can destabilize them.

Armadillos are attracted to areas with lots of insects, so if you see large numbers of ants or other insects around your deck, it may be an indication that armadillos are present. Signs of armadillo infestation include holes or tunnels near the foundation of your home, small piles of dirt, and damage to plants and roots.

Homeowners can discourage armadillos by removing food sources like insects, trapping and relocating the animals, and preventing access to the area under the deck by installing a barrier.

The Dangers Of Having Armadillos Under Your Deck

Having armadillos under your deck can pose both structural damage and health risks. These animals are known to dig holes and create burrows underneath structures like decks, which can destabilize the foundation and compromise the safety of the deck. Furthermore, armadillos can carry diseases like leprosy, which can be transmitted to humans through contact with their feces or skin.

In order to eliminate armadillos, it’s important to first identify their entry points and then use exclusion strategies like barriers or fencing. Trapping is also an option, but should only be done by a professional, as releasing armadillos elsewhere can be illegal and inhumane.

With proper control measures, you can effectively eliminate armadillos from under your deck and create a safe and healthy environment for your family and home.

Natural Methods To Keep Armadillos Away

Armadillos might be cute, but having them under your deck is not. Fencing and netting are effective means of preventing armadillo entry. Planting natural deterrents such as allium or castor beans around the area can also deter them. Additionally, using natural repellents like predator urine or garlic can keep them away.

When using repellents, it’s important to reapply after rain or watering. Keep in mind that trapping and relocating armadillos is illegal in some areas and extremely stressful for the animals. By using natural and humane methods, you can effectively eliminate armadillos from under your deck while protecting them at the same time.

Trapping Armadillos Safely And Humanely

Eliminating armadillos from underneath your deck can be challenging, but trapping them safely and humanely is possible following few tips. There are different types of traps available in the market, such as cage traps, which are best for catching armadillos.

When it comes to baiting, using an egg in the cage is the most effective technique. Additionally, setting the trap in the right place and at the right time will increase your chances of capturing them. Once caught, relocating the armadillos to a new home is essential to eliminate them from causing further harm.

Remember to follow safe and humane procedures while handling armadillos to avoid any injuries.

Calling In The Professionals For Armadillo Removal

Eliminating armadillos from under your deck is a tough task that may require professional help. Calling for professional help is advised when the problem persists and proves to be too much to handle. Choosing the right company is important as they bring experience and knowledge to the job.

A good company will provide safe and humane armadillo removal methods while ensuring the surrounding environment remains untouched. Understanding what to expect during armadillo removal can help you prepare for the process. Professionals will assess the situation, provide a quote and schedule a plan for removing the armadillos.

Keep in mind that armadillos are protected species in some areas, so it’s important to work with a licensed and certified company to avoid legal issues.

Frequently Asked Questions Of How To Get Rid Of Armadillos Under The Deck

How Do I Know If I Have Armadillos Under My Deck?

If you find holes and tunnels in your yard, uprooted grass, and damaged plants, it’s possible that armadillos are living under your deck. Also, if you hear scratching and digging noises at night, it’s another sign of armadillo activity.

How Do Armadillos Get Under The Deck?

Armadillos have strong claws that help them dig and root for insects and grubs in the soil. They can easily burrow and create holes next to foundations, porches or decks, and gain access underneath.

Are Armadillos Dangerous?

Armadillos are not aggressive towards humans, but they can carry and transmit diseases such as leprosy and salmonella through their feces. They can also cause damage to your yard or garden by digging holes and rooting for food.

What Is The Most Effective Way To Get Rid Of Armadillos Under The Deck?

The most effective and humane way to get rid of armadillos is to exclude them by blocking all potential entry points with durable materials. It’s also recommended to use repellents, install motion-activated lights and sounds, and remove their food sources to encourage them to leave.

Is It Legal To Kill Armadillos?

In some states, it’s legal to trap and euthanize armadillos, while in others, it’s illegal to harm, trap, or transport them without a permit. Always check with your local wildlife agency to learn about the regulations and laws regarding armadillo removal.


In order to get rid of armadillos under your deck, it’s important to take a proactive approach. By identifying their entry points and sealing them off, you can prevent future infestations. It’s also crucial to trim back any plants or bushes near the deck, as these can provide cover for armadillos.

For those who want to take a more hands-on approach, live-trapping can be an effective solution. Just be sure to release the armadillos at least five miles away from your property to prevent them from returning. Remember, it’s important to keep your property clean and free of food sources, since armadillos are attracted to insects and other small animals.

By following these tips and taking action quickly, you can successfully get rid of armadillos under your deck and prevent them from coming back.

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