Hiking In The Summer – Tips You Need To Know Before Summer Hiking

Summertime is eventually coming! Summertime is always excellent but can also come with some serious challenges especially when you are pro-active in the outdoor environments. Summer hiking is one of the great summer activities you need to get prepared for. It gives you a completely different experience from any activity around.

However, your activities will highly depend on the prevailing climate conditions. Therefore, dealing with warm weather is not a chicken feed game; hence one need adequately prepared.

hiking in the summer

We all love hiking and especially on a sunny day, and nothing brings a quite interesting experience like hiking when the sun is beaming above our heads. Therefore, both the casual walks and hitting the trails requires one to prepare according to the temperatures and be comfortable with the general environment.

Therefore, knowing how to contact your enjoyable activities in a heated environment is a skill of slow growth that needs to be developed in order to enjoy instead of a hassle. Since summer hiking comes with its own challenges, we have prepared you a comprehensive guide that contains essential tips you need to know before summer so that to be in a fully prepared position for your summer hiking.

Pre-Hiking Essential Tips:

Earlier Preparation

It is not common to see people starting their hikes as earlier as 5 am during summer times. However, getting earlier preparations means that you will work in lower temperatures which will demand fewer water requirements and less strain on your body. Plus, earlier preparation means that trails are less crowded with other hikers; hence allowing you to hike at your own pace.

Weather Forecast for hiking

Check The Weather Forecast

Staying updated with weather forecasting data before going on a hike is very essential. This is helpful when making the right decisions especially on what gear and clothes to bring.

The Best Time To Hike

During summertime, temperatures are very scorching. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid hiking during the hottest time of the day which is usually around noon to 3 pm.

On scorching days, it is advisable to avoid this time altogether by getting an early start and ending your hike by early afternoon. Equally, if you can’t prevent hiking during these warmest hours of the day, try to plan your trip so you will be in the shade or near a body of water during that time.

The Best Place To Hike

You need to plan your hike in a way that you find yourself on a shade during the hottest hours of the day. Planning your hike that will get you resting under the shade of trees, instead of getting exposed directly to the sun is another fantastic idea.

In addition to this, you can also consider hiking near water. This is usually important when there is not much shade, but you can find somewhere near the ocean or a large lake. Be sure to go for a hike in places that can give you an excellent opportunity to enjoy the lake breeze or calm sea.

If you are hiking next to a river, you can dip your hat or shirt frequently and drape them on your body. This will help you to keep you away from sweat and maintain your body freshness as the water evaporates.

Essential Health Tips:

Hydration Is The Key

When you go hiking for summer, your body can’t stay away from losing a lot of body fluids through sweating. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you carry enough water on your hiking trip. You should also consider regularly drinking throughout your hike in order to protect your body from dehydration.

But how much should you drink while hiking?

The amount of water you need to drink depends on a number of factors, including temperature and humidity, your intensity level, your body type, your age, sweat rate and the duration of your hike.

Hiking Hydration

Sunburn Protection

Sunburn-protection clothing is one good line of defense against the sun during summer hiking. Also, remember to put sunscreen on exposed skin to help you protected from sunburns. Sunscreen is absolutely one of the essential tools on hikes in the sun. Be sure to read the instructions on your bottle of sunscreen before using it.

Heat Exhaustion

Heat exhaustion is the inability of your body to cope with the stress of heat. This can typically occur after lengthy exposure to high temperatures and is often accompanied by higher rates of dehydration. During this condition, you may experience symptoms like heavy sweating, fatigue, rapid breathing, and faintness.

So, how can you prevent heat exhaustion?

First, you need to take time to acclimate. When it comes to summer hiking, be cautious and ready to take your game to slow on your first few days of hiking during summer. It can take up to two weeks to acclimatize so no hurry in this as far as your health is concerned.

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Another important thing is that you need to stay hydrated. Drink enough water to stay hydrated on your hike. You also need to consider wearing appropriate clothing and also rest in the shade after a long day of hiking.

What To Wear:

You want to be sure to stay away from getting overheat and dehydrated during your hiking.

Here Is A Quick Dressing Tip For Hot Weather:

as you are going to sweat often, it is advisable to choose proper dressing accordingly. Therefore, clothes with quick-drying properties are highly recommendable. This types of clothes allow for adequate ventilation in order to prevent dampness and some uncomforting experience you may encounter on your trip.

In addition to this, also consider wearing thinner socks and avoid heavy base layers.

clothing for summer hiking

Other Essential Must-pack Tools You Need To Carry With You Include:


when it comes to hiking socks, they are not all created with the same style and design or even material. They range from heavier fabric socks primarily for winter hiking to lighter socks for summer seasons.


A hat can also provide a good cover when hiking in exposed hot temperatures and terrains. It is essential to understand that your head is the most exposed; therefore, a hat will prevent you from this.


It’s also important to choose a good Sunglasses. If you don’t have one already, then you might want to consider Duduma Polarized Sunglasses

Final Thought

Hiking in summer is fun. Just make sure you have everything you need at stake. Our essential tips will ensure that your hikes during the summer season become an excellent adventure.

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