Do Squirrels Really Devour Tomatoes?

Yes, squirrels do eat tomatoes. Squirrels are widely known for their unique eating habits.

They are capable of eating a wide range of foods including nuts, fruits, vegetables, and insects. However, one question that has come up frequently is whether squirrels eat tomatoes. The answer is yes, they do. Squirrels eat ripe and unripe tomatoes which can be devastating for farmers and gardeners who cultivate the crop.

Tomato plants provide squirrels with both food and shelter, making them an attractive target for the critters. In this article, we will explore in-depth the relationship between squirrels and tomatoes, their eating habits, as well as ways to prevent them from damaging your tomato plants.

The Anatomy Of A Squirrel

Squirrels are fascinating creatures that belong to the rodent family. They are small, furry animals with bushy tails and sharp claws. Physical characteristics of squirrels include their ability to climb trees and their strong ability to gnaw through hard objects.

Squirrels are omnivores, and their diets can vary depending on their location and the season. They love to eat nuts, fruits, insects, and seeds. However, they can also devour bird eggs, small animals, and vegetables like tomatoes. Some squirrels are pickier eaters than others, and it’s not uncommon for them to try and steal food from your garden.

Squirrels really can eat almost anything. They have an impressive ability to adapt to their surroundings and will consume whatever food is available. So, if you’re wondering why your tasty tomatoes are disappearing, it’s quite likely that squirrels are responsible.

Understanding Tomato Plants

Tomato plants are a popular addition to gardens. Understanding their anatomy is crucial when it comes to plant care. The plant consists of the roots, stem, and leaves, all of which play a substantial role in the maturation of the fruit.

Nutrients present in tomato plants are key factors in their growth. They require nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. However, pests and diseases can hinder the development of tomato plants. Common pests include aphids and whiteflies, while common diseases consist of early blight and late blight.

It’s essential to pay attention to these symptoms and take action promptly. As for squirrels, while they may have an appetite for tomatoes, they typically don’t devour every plant. Understanding a tomato plant’s anatomy, nutrients, and potential issues can go a long way in growing a healthy, fruitful plant.

Do Squirrels Really Eat Tomatoes?

Squirrels are infamous for their love of nuts, but do they also have a taste for tomatoes? Researchers have investigated this question and found that squirrels are indeed attracted to ripe tomatoes. However, the degree to which they consume them varies depending on several factors, including the availability of other food sources and the type of tomato.

Squirrels are more likely to consume tomatoes in urban environments where other food options may be scarce. Additionally, they tend to prefer sweeter tomato varieties over sour ones. If you’re concerned about squirrels devouring your tomato plants, try planting them in a cage or covering them with netting.

With a little effort, you can enjoy your tomato harvest without sharing with the squirrels.

Prevention And Control Of Squirrel Tomato Consumption

Squirrels are known to have a voracious appetite for tomatoes, which makes tomato plants vulnerable to squirrel attacks. However, there are numerous prevention techniques that can deter squirrels from eating tomatoes. One effective method is to create a barrier around the tomato plants with mesh or netting.

Additionally, planting companion plants such as marigolds can help keep squirrels at bay. Non-toxic management approaches such as using hot pepper spray or predator urine can also help deter squirrels from attacking tomato plants. Overall, implementing a combination of these methods can help protect your tomato plants from squirrel consumption.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Do Squirrels Eat Tomatoes

Do Squirrels Eat Tomatoes As A Part Of Their Diet?

Yes, squirrels eat tomatoes. They are known to eat the ripe ones, and are attracted to the scent of overripe fruit.

Can Squirrels Cause Damage To Tomato Plants?

Yes, squirrels can cause damage to tomato plants. They may eat the fruit, gnaw on the stems or branches, or dig up the roots.

Is It Possible To Prevent Squirrels From Eating My Tomatoes?

Yes, there are a few ways to deter squirrels from eating your tomatoes. You can use physical barriers like netting or cages, or try natural remedies like cayenne pepper or garlic.

Why Are Squirrels Attracted To Tomatoes?

Squirrels are attracted to tomatoes because of their sweet and juicy taste. They are also attracted to the scent of overripe fruit, which can signal to them that it is an easy source of food.

Are There Any Benefits To Having Squirrels In My Garden?

Squirrels can help with the pollination of plants and can also be a source of entertainment for children and pets. However, they can also cause damage to gardens and homes if not properly managed.


If you want to grow tomatoes in your backyard, you might be wondering whether squirrels eat tomatoes and how to prevent them from doing so. Squirrels are known to enjoy a range of fruits, grains, seeds, and nuts. However, tomatoes are not their first choice.

They might try a tomato or two, but they are unlikely to cause significant damage. If you want to keep squirrels away from your tomatoes, you can try a few methods such as using repellents, building cages or barriers, planting companion plants, or using natural deterrents like cayenne pepper or vinegar.

Remember, squirrels are part of nature, and we should try to coexist with them whenever possible. With a bit of creativity and patience, you can harvest delicious tomatoes while respecting the local wildlife.

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