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Every camper’s wish is to get a thrill out of each moment of their outdoor adventure. And, one surefire way to relish in the fields is to have a five-star tent that protects you and the other camping gears.

So which is the tent? You may ask.

That’s why I’ve drafted this piece of review — to demystify the details of one the most comfortable, highly protective, durable, and cost-effective tents — the Coleman 8 person instant tent.

As said earlier, this one-of-a-kind tent is customer-centered, with all that it needs to make the camper feel cozy and protected. Take a look at its details in the sections that follow.

Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent Review

Thumbs Up For
  • It’s an instant tent, which means that setting up and dismantling it is both seamless
  • The double-thick Polyguard fabric that forms the body lasts long
  • Installing and folding the tent takes almost no effort and time; less than a minute
  • The tent is cost-effective
  • It has a rainfly that offer extra protection
  • The tent comes from a reputable company
  • Coleman’s zippers are sturdy and operate smoothly
  • It can get used during winter
  • Tall people can now have a tent to stand inside
Thumbs Down For
  • Replacement parts are limited
  • The bulk makes it hard to move the tent

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Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent  Features

The Interior

As the name has it, this tent has a large capacity of accommodating eight campers, plus their camping gear. It has an area of 140 square inches. Inside it, there’s privacy.

The tent uses a room divider that partitions it into two so that each side can accommodate two queen-size beds. Campers can as well do away with the divider if privacy isn’t an issue.

The tent also has two large storage pockets within it.

Weather Resistance Qualities

Leaking is a significant problem in many tents, but this one. Its seams are inverted so that its needle holes are hidden from rainwater on the outer surface.

The tent’s zippers are also covered by a weather-resistant fabric, to protect water from leaking via them. Its floor is waterproof and uses a welding-inspired technology to keep its waterproof quality.

The tent’s primary material is double-thick, which means it will withstand all outdoor rigors, no matter the intensity.

The Setup Options:

Conventional Pitch

The Coleman 8-person tent offers you three setup options, depending on your available setup time. The conventional pitch option needs a bit of your time.

If you can spare between fifteen and twenty minutes (and a bit of effort) during setup, it’s your go-to option.

Fast Pitch

You’ll save half of the time used in the conventional setup option here. The poles and hubs in this installation option are color-coded and pre-attached to help you match them easily. Eventually, the tent will still stand strong.

Instant Setup

By instant, the manufacturer means that the process takes less than a minute. The tent will only need you to unfold, extend, then secure it before it’s r set for use.

The Ideal Users Of The Tent

Coleman is a four-season tent that can be used by anyone in any location. It’s an 8-person tent, but that doesn’t limit a single camper, two, nor more (but less than eight) from enjoying the whole space and range of benefits alone.

A simple (instant) set-up means that even newbie’s in the camping industry can maneuver its usage processes.

About The Manufacturer

Coleman is a diversified outdoor equipment manufacturer that has its products all over the globe. It has over a century of experience, which tells you more about how long it has earned trust since its inception.

Products from Coleman are almost in all countries, globally. Customers from all countries of the globe are ever satisfied with their quality.

The Main Benefits

✓ Coleman is an instant tent, which makes installation simple and time-saving.

✓ The tent is exceptional for withstanding four seasons while protecting eight people.

✓ Also, the space it provides for its capacity of eight people is more than enough in all directions.

✓ Tents of this type often cost an arm and a leg, but that’s not the case with this one from Coleman. Its price of the tent is affordable to every camper.

Customer Reviews

Real experiences are inside customer feedback. Reviews are a sure way to determine the quality of a product. Customers will give their actual experiences, both good and bad, which help readers to know what to expect from the underlying commodities.

After keenly observing the reviews, I compiled a few of the best remarks (both positive and negative) that can help you make the right judgment.

It seems like the stakes that come with the Coleman 8-person tent are weak. I concluded this after viewing many reviews with the same complaint. One customer even advises buyers to use the strong guy lines and ignore the flimsy stakes.

Others also complained about the tent’s limited spare parts, but I later noticed that the manufacturer has since solved this problem.

Overall, I noticed that 98% of verified-purchase customers recommend this tent to others. Some praise its cost-effectiveness, weatherproof properties, long lifetime, and strength, while others are happy about its good overall look, straightforward installation, and quality zippers, among other verified advantages.

Overall, the pros outnumbered the cons. Hence, this is the reason for concluding that Coleman is a tent worth your cash.


Final Verdict

After a keen observation of the features, reviews, pros, cons, and the sale price of this tent, I see it fit to conclude that it’s worth your time and money. You’re safe to buy the Coleman 8 person tent because it will change your outdoor experience for the better.

Don’t forget to share this piece with fellow campers to help them find the same outdoor happiness. Happy shopping, pals!

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