Can Possums Climb Fences? The Surprising Truth Revealed.

Possums can climb fences. They are excellent climbers and can use their sharp claws and flexible tails to climb fences easily.

Possums are fascinating creatures known for their remarkable climbing abilities. They are excellent climbers, using their sharp claws and prehensile tails to scale a variety of surfaces effortlessly. Many people wonder if possums can climb fences, and the answer is yes, they can.

Possums can easily climb over traditional wooden or chain-link fences that are less than six feet tall. They can also use the same techniques to climb up trees or walls. The species’ physiological characteristics make them natural climbers, allowing them to climb up almost any surface with ease. Possums’ climbing abilities allow them to access food and shelter, making them adaptable and resilient wild animals. Thus, it is crucial to consider these factors when designing your garden or property to ensure that possums do not cause any problems.

Possum Anatomy

Possums are unique creatures with various physical features that enable them to climb fences with relative ease. Possessing sturdy and sharp claws, their feet provide a strong grip on most surfaces. Their tails, prehensile in nature, function as an additional limb.

This allows them to reach for branch tips, as well as utilize their tails as additional support while in the trees. Weighing in at only a few pounds, possums possess lightweight frames, allowing for easy maneuverability. Furthermore, possessing an acute sense of balance assists their ability to move quickly and effortlessly.

Their sharp teeth and small body size also allow them to fit through small spaces with ease, further aiding in their climb over fences. With all of these unique physical characteristics in place, it’s no surprise that possums are expert climbers.

Possum Behavior

Possums are nocturnal animals with distinct behaviors in the wild. Their prehensile tails and sharp claws help them climb trees with ease, making it easy to escape predators such as coyotes and foxes. Possums are opportunistic feeders, and they are known to hang upside down from branches to reach fruits and nuts.

Their sharp sense of smell and hearing make them wary of approaching predators in the wild. Possums are also good at swimming, and they use this skill to cross water bodies. Overall, possums are well adapted to their environment, and their behavior plays a vital role in their survival.

Can Possums Climb Fences?

Possums are known for their incredible ability to climb trees, but can they climb fences too? The answer is yes, possums can climb fences, but the type of fence and its height can make a big difference. A chain-link fence is easier for possums to climb than a smooth fence like vinyl or wood.

Most possums can climb a fence that is up to 6 feet tall, but some can climb even higher. Factors like age, size, and agility also play a role in a possum’s ability to climb a fence. So if you’re looking to keep possums out of your yard or garden, it’s important to choose the right kind of fence and make sure it’s tall enough to keep them out.

Possums As Pests

Possums are known to be pests that can invade homes and cause damage. When possums climb over fences, they can easily access properties and cause even more trouble. These animals have a tendency to nest in attics, basements, and other secluded areas of homes.

To prevent possums from climbing fences and invading homes, one can install possum-proof fencing or use repellents. Other methods of possum removal and relocation include live-trapping and releasing possums in a more suitable environment. It’s important to handle possums safely, especially since they can carry diseases.

By taking preventive measures and using safe methods of removal, possums can be kept out of homes and yards, minimizing their negative impact.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Can Possums Climb Fences

Can Possums Climb Fences?

Yes, possums are skilled climbers able to climb fences by using their sharp claws and prehensile tail.

How High Can Possums Climb?

Possums can climb to great heights, up to 13 feet in trees. They can also scale verticle surfaces like walls.

Do Possums Jump Over Fences?

While possums can jump up to four feet high, they tend to climb and use balance to cross over fences.

How Can I Keep Possums From Climbing My Fence?

To prevent possums from climbing fences, you can install an angled barrier on the top or place a slippery surface like pvc pipes over the fence.

What Do I Do If A Possum Is In My Yard?

If you come across a possum in your yard, do not approach it. Give it space and let it leave on its own. Possums are generally harmless.


Based on the research conducted, it can be concluded that possums are excellent climbers and can easily climb fences. They use their sharp claws and strong legs to grip onto the fence and climb up effortlessly. Possums are also known to use trees to jump over fences.

While a fence may deter some possums, others may simply find a way to climb over it, especially if there’s food on the other side. However, certain types of fences like electric fences or those with slippery surfaces may prove to be more challenging for possums to climb.

To prevent possums from climbing fences, experts suggest installing fences that are at least 6 feet tall and have an outward-facing overhang. It’s important to remember that possums are wild animals and should be treated with caution and respect. By taking simple precautions, it’s possible to coexist with these interesting creatures in a safe and peaceful manner.

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