Best Soccer Goal For Backyard

Life can get really boring at times. Especially when you have a monotonous routine to follow every day. However, when it comes to sports, it’s just never boring, is it?

It may be the same sport over and over again but there are always new things happening. And, the sport is especially interesting if your child is playing it. You may be the coach yourself, a competitor, a teammate or just a spectator.

Whatever role you are playing, it is pure fun. This is why you may feel the urge to keep a soccer goal in your backyard- for your child to make the best memories and also build the best skills. However, choosing a soccer goal for your backyard is not that easy, is it?

There is the concern of space, and how to install the goal, etc. Furthermore, even when you get everything right it is hard to find a soccer goal that will last- the best soccer goal for the backyard. But, it is not impossible.

We have a way of finding the best soccer goal for your backyard and also one that will perfectly fit your needs. Let’s get to it.

Best Soccer Goal for Backyard Reviews

Best Soccer Goal For Backyard

Franklin Sports Competition Soccer Goal

Franklin Sports Competition Soccer Goal

If you are looking for a soccer goal that provides you with a lot of versatility then the Franklin Sports Competition soccer goal may be a great choice for your backyard. Apparently, you will find a number of sizes to choose from. Therefore, whether your backyard is big or small, you won’t live with a regret that you could not find the right size of your soccer goal.

It is made of durable galvanized steel so you can rely on the strength and sturdiness. Furthermore, installing it in your backyard is very easy- you won’t even need anything extra to do it. Apparently, it comes with easy to deal with locking pins and also stakes for added stability.

These keep the soccer goal quite sturdy as well. However, what you may not absolutely love is that the middle of the top bar kind of sags a bit. This, in turn, makes the net of the goal sag a bit as well.

Apart from that, you may have to tie the net more securely after using the goal for a while as it may get a bit loose at some point. It is not tightly sewn everywhere. While the galvanized steel keeps the goal quite weather-resistant, there are instances of it rusting.

Overall, it is an affordable and durable soccer goal that is built to last. On top of it all- it looks amazing.


  • Made of galvanized steel which makes it quite strong and durable.
  • Available in a number of sizes.
  • Looks quite great in any backyard.
  • Very easy and simple to install.
  • It offers good value for the money.
  • It comes with a net and everything necessary.


  • The top bar may sag a little.
  • You may have to tie the net yourself at some points.

Net World Sports Forza Backyard Soccer Goals

Net World Sports Forza Backyard Soccer Goals

As you are going to set the soccer goal outdoors, in the backyard, like any other soccer goal, you need it to be able to handle the different weather conditions well. And, that is exactly what this Net World Sports Fora soccer goal does. All its features together help it to withstand any weather conditions.

Before we get to its features, know that you can find the soccer goal in five different sizes. Therefore, you do not have to worry about it fitting in your backyard or not. Now, what makes it withstand weather conditions so well is the material that builds this unit up.

It is made of PVC- a plastic that remains unaffected by rain and sun. Yes, apparently, it is UV-resistant too, So, it will get no damage from staying out even in the rain. However, there is one thing that may make it fly- wind (duh).

While installing this soccer goal is no big deal, you better consider using sandbags to hold it down. Because while it is quite heavy duty and will not break, it is not very stable. Furthermore, the crossbar at the top kind of sags a bit. This is not much of a concern but still better if pointed out.

Apart from all that, the soccer goal is worth the price. Because it is extremely easy to install and it has good locking mechanisms. As for the price, which is higher than others, if you do not live in a windy region, it is worth it.


  • It can handle the various weather conditions like sun and rain well.
  • It is made of PVC which makes it quite strong.
  • Very easy to install.
  • It has good locking mechanisms.
  • Looks great.
  • It is well worth the price.


  • The crossbar may sag a bit in the middle.
  • It can blow away in the wind- not the most stable, consider using sandbags to deal with this problem.

QuickPlay Kickster Academy Soccer Goal Range

QuickPlay Kickster Academy Soccer Goal Range

Do you want a portable soccer goal that will amaze you with its strength? Then, the QuickPlay Kickster Academy soccer goal may be something you can consider seriously. Yes, it is a portable one and yes it can take very powerful shots easily.

Despite being a portable soccer goal, this soccer goal has a steel-based frame. Furthermore, it has steel joints. As a result, you can rely on the stability of this goal. However, there is one more thing that makes this goal even more special.

Apparently, it bends a bit when it takes a hit and then goes back to its original shape, This flexibility allows it to be more durable and powerful. However, the overall build of the goal is not of high quality. There are smaller parts that break or come off.

As for the installation, it is very easy. In fact, all you have to do is get it out and lock it to its desired state. In fact, it basically comes pre-assembled. Furthermore, it is as easy to take it down as well.

On top of that, you get a carry bag in which you can keep the net easily. Yes, it comes with the net as well. Each of its parts is very easy to deal with and also quite strong.

As for the price, it is not the most affordable goal out there for a portable one. However, it still can be considered reasonable. But, you may expect better quality for the price it comes at.


  • A very portable soccer goal.
  • It is made of steel so it is quite strong and durable.
  • The bars bend when they receive a hard impact- makes it powerful.
  • Extremely easy to assemble and dissemble.
  • It comes with both a carry bag and a net.
  • A powerful portable soccer goal.


  • Not of the best quality.
  • The price could be lower.

Lifetime 90046 Soccer Goal with Adjustable Height and Width

Lifetime 90046 Soccer Goal

If you are looking for a soccer goal for your kid then this Lifetime 90046 soccer goal may be a great choice you make in your life. Apparently, this soccer goal offers you things you do not expect from a goal. In fact, it is an adjustable soccer goal.

Before we get to how you can adjust it, know that it is not for adults as its maximum height width I not a great one for adults. But, you can totally buy it for a growing kid who will benefit from the adjustability. You can adjust the height from 3-5 feet and width from 4-7 feet. That is quite a good range if you as me!

Apart from that, this goal is made of steel. Thus, it can handle quite a bit of rigorous training as well. While the steel makes the goal a bit heavy, it also makes it heavy duty.

Another feature you will absolutely love is the portability of this soccer goal. In fact, this goal is foldable. You can fold it to carry it around and even when assembling it, you do not have to do much. The only problem you may face is locking it- apparently, when adjusting the height, the tubes may not be that smooth to move.

It comes with everything you need to use it. In fact, it comes with a nylon net but you may not like the net much as it is not that durable. As for the price, because of all the innovative features, you can consider it a bit expensive.


  • A foldable and portable soccer goal.
  • The height and width are adjustable making it great for growing kids.
  • With steel in the build, it is quite durable.
  • Very easy to assemble and also fold and carry.
  • Very sturdy and heavy-duty.
  • It includes everything you may need.


  • The tubes are not very smooth to move.
  • The net is not of the best quality.
  • A bit expensive.

GOLME PRO Training Soccer Goal

GOLME PRO Training Soccer Goal

Do you want a soccer goal of a standard size for your backyard but also want it to be portable? Can a soccer goal that big be light enough to carry? Hell, yes! The Game Pro may just be the soccer goal you are looking for.

Apparently, it has the three regulation sizes available and you can take your pick. Now, you may expect the size to make everything very hard for you. But, it does not.

When it comes to installation, the soccer goal just takes around three minutes to get installed. Yes, it is that simple! Apart from that, you can easily fold it back and carry it. “Carry such a huge goal?”- Yes! Because it is quite light.

The soccer goal is made of aircraft-grade aluminum which makes it very durable and weather-resistant. However, with its lightweight, there is one drawback that you may have to deal with. Its bars maybe a bit fragile.

Apparently, hitting the ball too hard on the bars may bend the bar. Furthermore, if you hit any of the joints, the joints are not the strongest part of these goals so they may fall off. Therefore, if your aim is heavy-duty practice then this soccer goal may not be the best choice for you despite its size.

But, if convenience is what you are looking for along with portability, this may serve you really well. As for the price, it is very expensive. You may expect better quality and strength from a goal this expensive.


  • Available in three regulation sizes.
  • Lightweight enough to carry.
  • Quite a portable unit as you can fold it easily.
  • Very easy and fast to assemble.
  • A durable build with aircraft-grade aluminum.


  • Quite an expensive soccer goal.
  • The bars are a bit fragile.
  • The joints may break.

6ft x 4ft Forza Soccer Goal Post and Net

6ft x 4ft Forza Soccer Goal Post and Net

If you are looking for a soccer goal kit that comes with everything you will need to play soccer in your backyard, then this Forza soccer goal may be what you are looking for. As you can see, it has a size of 6 feet X 4 feet. Now, this is not very big, so if you have a small backyard, this could be the perfect choice for you.

The material building this soccer goal is PVC. Thus, you do not have to worry about the rain or sun doing any damage to this durable unit. In fact, it is quite weather-resistant and will not rust.

Apart from that, the goal is made in a way to handle hard impacts. So, if your kid likes to use all his strength to kick the ball then this goal surely can handle it. The problem, however, with this goal, is that it is very lightweight and not sturdy. Thus, you may consider using sandbags to weigh it down so that it does not fly away or fall.

You will find this soccer goal very easy to assemble as well. In fact, you will find the locking system quite efficient and also convenient. However, the problem with locking systems is that if you hit a soft spot, the whole goal will crumble.

Apart from that, the unit also comes with target sheets to aid guided practices. You will also find the net coming in a carry bag. On top of it all, this kit includes a soccer ball. Therefore, you get all you need.

As for the price, it falls within the reasonable range- somewhere in the middle.


  • A small soccer goal perfect for small backyards.
  • PVC in the build makes it suitable for outdoor use.
  • It can handle hard impacts quite well.
  • Very easy to assemble.
  • Good locking system.
  • It includes everything you will ever need.
  • Worth the price.


  • A bit too lightweight which can sacrifice some sturdiness.
  • Not the strongest.

AmazonBasics Outdoor Soccer Goal

AmazonBasics Outdoor Soccer Goal

Want a soccer goal for your backyard that gives you a good performance in every aspect? Then, this AmazonBasics Outdoor soccer goal is one of the best choices as a backyard soccer goal. In fact, it has a size of 12 feet wide, 6 feet high and 5 feet deep. That is quite a good size for a backyard soccer goal.

On top of it, the goal is made from a durable steel frame. This, you can rely on its strength when taking a really powerful shot. This is a soccer goal that will stand through it all, even the naughty kids making all kinds of mistakes.

Despite being made of steel, the soccer goal is quite weather-resistant. It will not rust nor will it let the sun damage it. Therefore, you can totally keep it outside all day every day.

Apart from that, this soccer goal is quite an easy one to assemble. It comes with ground anchors that hold it in place and is the reason behind it being so stable despite powerful shots.

It also comes with a net that you have to attach to it using Velcro straps. The problem with this one is that the velcro straps do not do a great job of keeping the nets tight or in place. Therefore, you may have to find your own way around this problem to keep the network secure.

As for the price, it is quite reasonable. The quality of the soccer goal is great so you can consider buying it.


  • A great choice for the backyard.
  • It can handle all the weather conditions quite well.
  • Very easy to assemble.
  • Very sturdy against powerful shots.
  • Ground anchors keep it in place.
  • It comes with everything necessary.
  • Good value for the price.
  • Quite durable.


  • The velcro straps do not hold the net in the best way.

PowerNet Soccer Goal 6ft x 4ft Portable Bow Style Net

PowerNet Soccer Goal

Do you use your backyard for multiple purposes? If you do then a permanent soccer goal can become more of an obstacle than a delight. This is why you can consider the portable PowerNet soccer goal. It is so easy to shift and carry that you will never have trouble using your backyard for everything you want to while letting the kids or adults play soccer on one side.

The size of the goal is small enough for a small backyard and moderate enough for a medium one. As for the build, it has a metal base frame with vertical fiberglass bow style poles. Despite not being completely metal, these poles gracefully handle the impacts they receive. So, this soccer goal is another one that you can easily rely on.

Apart from that, it comes with a net that is stitched to the sides. Here, the net does not delight you as much as the poles. With hard impacts, at one point, you will notice wear and tear on the net and especially the points where it is attached. So, you will have to repair it at times.

Other than that, the soccer goal is very easy to set up- it requires pretty much no effort from your part. On top of it all, it is lightweight so if you need to quickly move it, you can. Also, it comes with ground stakes to enhance the stability it provides you with.

It has a vibrant look so it will add beauty to your backyard. Apart from that. It is quite expensive for what it offers.


  • A very easy to shift soccer goal.
  • Great for small backyards or backyards that you use for many purposes.
  • Quite a durable build.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Very lightweight.
  • Looks vibrant.
  • Handles impact quite well.


  • A bit expensive.
  • The net supplied is not as durable nor is the connecting points- you may have to repair after a while.

GoSports Premier Portable Pop Up Soccer Goals

GoSports Premier Portable Pop Up Soccer Goals

If you are looking for a big yet budget-friendly soccer goal then you have it here. Apparently, this GoSports Premier portable pop up soccer goal is something you can consider buying if you have a tight budget. While it is not the best out there, it surely will not disappoint for the budget.

This is a soccer goal that has two sizes that you can choose from. Whether it is a small or big backyard you own, you can find the right size of soccer goal for it. Apart from that, this soccer goal is incredibly easy to set up.

While it does not come preassembled, you may have some fun time with your family set it up. The mechanism is quite simple. Once you put it up, it is a great thing to play with.

The problem, however, is that it is quite lightweight and not sturdy. Therefore, it may not be able to handle the powerful shots that well. In this case, you can use anchors to support it well – but you have to attach them yourself.

Another problem you may face with it is its folded upsize. Apparently, despite it being foldable and portable, it does not fold down to a very compact size. The folded up size is quite big so it may not fit in everywhere you want it to fit in.

Apart from that, this soccer goal is quite great and as you already know, very budget-friendly as well. So, if the budget is what you are considering then it is a good choice.


  • It comes in two sizes- it is quite big.
  • Great for any backyard.
  • Quite a weather-resistant goal.
  • It requires simple assembly.
  • With proper anchoring, it can handle powerful shots well.
  • Very budget-friendly.


  • A bit too light which sacrifices stability.
  • The net may need frequent cleaning.

Pinty 2 in 1 Soccer Goal for Kids 8 x 6 ft

Pinty 2 in 1 Soccer Goal for Kids

Do you want to explore various methods of training? Then, you need a scooter goal that not only handles the various methods with its versatility but also handles the impacts well. The Pinty 2-in-1 kids soccer goal is such a versatile and powerful soccer goal.

Apparently, its strength is in the way it is designed. Firstly, it has a frame that is made from powder-coated steel, just what you need for outdoor use. Therefore, rust and sun cannot affect it. Furthermore, it has a weighted base.

Since the base is weighted, the soccer goal has enough stability to handle the powerful shots that you throw it’s the way. So, there you go, it can handle you and your kid both. Apart from that, it is quite easy to install, with all its different tools and screws for installation.

It also comes with a target sheet- this is where it gets versatile. This feature lets you or your kid practice in many different ways. The strength of the goal is also there to back you up with a good bounce.

When it comes to quality, this is a soccer goal that is built to last. However, you may expect the price to be a bit lower than what it actually is.


  • A versatile soccer goal.
  • It lets you practice various methods of playing.
  • Quite stable because of the weighted base.
  • Great quality builds with coated steel.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • The price could be lower.

The Buying Guide

There are certain things you will have to consider when you are looking for a soccer goal.

The Type Of Soccer Goal You Want

There are a few types of soccer goals and as you already know that you have to make a choice among the types. In this case, you have to consider what will suit your backyard and needs best. The choice depends on the skill of the player as well- if you want to improve the skills, then the type is again, an important consideration.

Permanent Soccer Goals:

Are you very passionate about the game and you know that you will always be playing it? Then, a permanent soccer goal may serve you best. As you can tell from the name, you have to install such goals permanently.

While installing them may be difficult or easy based on the style of it, you cannot remove these goals very easily. They are heavier and also more heavy-duty. These are the goals that will have your back when you practice really hard. Apart from that, these will be more expensive than others.

Portable Soccer Goals:

As you can tell from the name that these goals can be moved from one place to another. If you do not plan to keep a permanent goal post in your backyard and play only occasionally then portable goals are a good choice. You can pick them up and take them to a picnic spot as well.

Apart from that, these are lightweight and the installation is not hard at all. You can remove them from your backyard quite easily. While they are not meant for difficult practice sessions, they can handle quite a bit. You can expect them to be less expensive thanks to their nature and lightweight.

Pop-Up Soccer Goals:

This is something you can consider if a small kid is supposed to use the soccer goal. Furthermore, if you do not want the hassle of installing a goal then pop-up goals are quite straight forward. As you can tell from the name, they will pop up when you want them to with just the click or something similar.

However, keep in mind that these goals cannot withstand a lot of force. They are lightweight. While their design and style may bring variations in price, they are available in quite a number of colors and styles.

The Method Of Installation

Since it is your backyard we are talking about and you will have a lot to do with the installation, you have to decide what form of installation you prefer. Will you be alright with holes in the backyard? Because most permanent soccer goals require you to install them by digging deep and securing it well.

On the other hand, portable soccer goals will come with anchors for the grass and soil. If it does not come with anchors you will have to rely on sandbags to weigh it down. The same is the case with pop-up soccer goals. If your backyard has a concrete surface, sandbags are probably the only way to keep the goals in place.

The Depth Of The Goal

This is something you have to consider based on the skill level of the player. In fact, the depth of the goal really matters when it comes to playing. However, you will also have to consider your backyard space.

Goals Without Depth:

If the soccer-playing kid or adult in your house is not training to be a goalie then goals without depth can be a choice. Apparently, these goals come with only one crossbar and a net hanging from it at a 45-degree angle, connecting its sides to the side and back bars. As you can imagine, this does not give the goalie space to go inside the goal are. Apart from that, these take up less area and are also quite lightweight.

Goals With Depth:

These are the goals that give the goalie some space to back to when he is defending. Apparently, it has a crossbar and two sidebars at an angle of 90-degree from the crossbar. Then, these bars along with the net drop at a 45degree angle connecting to the back and sidebars.

Therefore, it is much like a small house with an open front. These are great choices for people who want to become better at goalkeeping. Apart from that, these goals are sturdier, heavier, and also more expensive.

Box Goals:

These are the types of goals that most professional players use. Apparently, space and net are shaped exactly like a box with one open front. These are for heavy-duty practices and sturdier. Usually, these fall within the permanent goal category. Also, they are quite expensive.

The Space You Have

This is an important consideration when you want to place a soccer goal in your backyard. Is your backyard small? Or does it have enough space for a full standard-sized soccer goal? Do you want your kid to just enjoy soccer or do you want him to grow into a better player someday?

If your backyard is small, there is no other way for you but to settle for a soccer goal that is small and fits. However, if it has enough space and you find it necessary then you can buy the standard size of a soccer goal. Apparently, the standard size of a soccer goal is either 24X8 feet for professionals and 18.5X6.5 feet for youth players.

The choice relies on you and the size of your backyard.

The Material Building The Goal

This is quite an obvious consideration. You do not want to buy something that will not last right? The materials used in building the soccer goal plays a very important role in determining whether it will last or not.

You do not want the goal post to break in half when you kick the ball a bit hard. Thus, you need to consider the material. Luckily, you do not have to choose among many.

Plastic Goals:

If you are looking for something budget-friendly then plastic goals are what you can consider. They are not the strongest but with modern innovations, they are not that weak either. Portable soccer goals and the ones for a kid are well-made with plastic. Furthermore, they are usually weather-resistant and do not rust.

Aluminum Goals:

It is usually aluminum that soccer goals use as metal in them. As you can guess metal goals are far stronger and heavy-duty than the plastic ones. They will never break. However, they can cause injuries to children if the child is not careful. You will find metal goals to be a bit more expensive than the plastic ones but it is worth it.

Steel Goals:

Steel is another one of the common metals used in making soccer goals. While they are strong and sturdy too, steel can rust over time. Thus, the weather-resistance demonstrated by steel soccer goals is not very satisfactory. However, you can look for steel goals with a coating that prevents rust and corrosion. The same is the case with any other metal soccer goal you look at.

The Benefits

Why should you go as far as getting your own soccer goal for your backyard? What happened to the traditional chair and tables that you are supposed to have in your backyard? Well, a soccer goal will provide you with more value than the others and here is the reason why.

Makes Your Backyard Interesting:

Think about how you get to see your kid playing in the backyard whenever you want. Instead of him visiting the neighborhood backyards, the kids will be visiting yours to play something that will actually help to develop them.

More Practice:

You may be a passionate soccer player or someone in your house may be. Think of all the extra practice you will be getting because you have a soccer goal all for yourself. With no audience to watch, the practice session will be more real as you or your kid will not be hesitant about trying various techniques.

Just The Right One:

As you have the option to customize the soccer goal for yourself, and you will be choosing it yourself, it will be a goal perfect for you and the purpose you have in mind. It won’t be like one of those ones that you come across in schools or clubs. In fact, it is all for you and suitable for your skill level.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do the bars of the soccer goal come separately?

It depends on the various brands. Usually, the portable ones come in one piece and you can fold it to carry it. On the other hand, permanent soccer goals can be available in both forms as you will have to assemble it anyway.

Do the soccer goals come with the net?

Yes, most soccer goals include the net in the package. However, you may find a few that do not. Also, the quality of the included net is not always the best.

In conclusion

Whether it is a permanent addition or temporary addition to your backyard, you must make sure that the soccer goal fits your purpose and needs. As you can see there is a number of things to consider- each of them important. Each will lead you to a combined good soccer goal.

Furthermore, you will have to consider your backyard and the people who will be using the soccer goal. With so many options available, it is quite hard to make a choice despite knowing what you want. Thus, you can always check online reviews to get some idea about the brand.

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