mountain camping trip

Essential Items to Take Along on a Mountain Camping Trip

Mountain camping is one of the best experiences you can do to discover nature and also to reveal the secrets of your soul. Every individual wants a different kind of mountain camping trip. While some will be happy to take along friends and heaps of luggage, others will be glad to go to the mountain alone with only[…]

sleeping on a gound

5 Ways To Sleep Outside Without A Tent

Tents usually are the number one item for every camper. They protect you from the vagaries of the weather and give you some personal space if you’re traveling in a group. The thing is, tents also take a lot of space in your tourist gear and maybe quite bulky. Thankfully, there are ways to sleep outdoors without a[…]

Tips You Need To Know Before Summer Hiking

Hiking In The Summer – Tips You Need To Know Before Summer Hiking

Summertime is eventually coming! Summertime is always excellent but can also come with some serious challenges especially when you are pro-active in the outdoor environments. Summer hiking is one of the great summer activities you need to get prepared for. It gives you a completely different experience from any activity around. However, your activities will highly depend on[…]

Behave In A Hike

How To Behave In A Hike?

Only beginners imagine hiking as something simple, exciting and carefree – songs at the campfire with a guitar, a cheerful company in a tent camp, booze, laughter, and interesting talks that keep you from noticing traveled kilometers – enjoyable stay in the bosom of nature. In fact, in any campaign, both physical and spiritual forces of a person[…]

Outdoor Hunting Essentials

Outdoor Hunting Essentials: Things To Be Aware Of

One of the most interesting and challenging sports nature can offer is hunting. Successful hunting requires you to gain a variety of skills. You need to be able to handle your hunting rifle well, and you also need to obtain a lot of knowledge about the different animals you may encounter in the wilderness. Other than gaining appropriate[…]

5 Famous Landscapes To Hike In Winter

Hiking is something that almost everybody looks forward to. Who doesn’t like to have a little adventure of their own with a bunch of friends or their own fun groups?  But what have you thought about hiking during the winter? Are you worried that you might not be able to have as much fun as you would have[…]

Camping Survival Kit

What To Include In Your Camping Survival Kit?-Complete Guidelines

Except you’ve been in the wild a couple of times, it’s very tempting to think you’ll never get stranded out there. So you’re more likely to play second fiddle with your survival preparation. However, things don’t always go as planned, especially when you’re out there in the woods. Disaster can strike when you least expect it. You can[…]

hiking etiquette

Hiking Etiquette You Should Maintain While Hiking

Who does not want to escape the city lights and camp up in a hill staring at the stars? But what if you come across some folks and their activities are the source of disturbance for everyone else? In this case, some men-made trouble can ruin your most anticipated tour.The journey would be more enjoyable if the tourists[…]

hammock vs tent

Hammock vs Tent – Which One Is the Best?

Whether it is for short recreational activity or to the seasoned, wilderness trekker and backpacker, there is always need for appropriate shelter. Historically, tents are have been part and parcel of the camping gear. The discourse, however, is what if there were other possibilities, other than the tent? What if one of this possibility was a Hammock? Indeed[…]

best places to camp in the united states

The 14 Best Places To Camp In The United States

If you are on holidays in the States then you probably know that one of the most popular activities that you can take on is camping. It is one of those activities that are filled with adventure, excitement, and relaxation. You can go camping with friends or family and even on your own to enjoy the wonders of[…]

camping checklist

11 Essential Camping Checklist – What You Need To Go Camping

Taking proper preparation before doing it is the best way to have success. We know it right? This same concept also applies to camping. It is essential for any outdoor activity that you take enough preparation for it and when talking about preparation for camping making your camping Checklist is the first thing that you need to do.[…]